America Bombs Moon Back Into Stone Age — Al Qaeda Strength on Moon Confirmed Within 100 Insurgents of Afghan Levels

ffThe United States of America opened a can of whoop — and bombed the Moon this morning. Early reports are promising in terms of any resistance. However, prior to the execution of the LCROSS mission, it was confirmed that the strength of Al Qaeda on the moon is within 100 insurgents of the levels in Afghanistan.

Last week, U.S. national security adviser James Jones stated that there are no more than 100 Al Qaeda operatives left in Afghanistan. here. That means that the Moon is within 100 insurgents of the insurgents facing us in the Afghanistan theatre. As a result, it is expected that there will soon be calls for an surge on the Moon to face the galactic Al Qaeda threat.

For those of you who are “Blame Earth First” voters, I will remind you that previously the Moon Men attacked our planet. They started it:

The current score is Earth I, Moon 0. Here is our first move against the lunar threat, which has been declared a success by NASA.

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  2. Lately, I’ve been communicating with the Fiji Truth Commission Movement, (not to be confused with the Australian FTCM, led by someone named Peter. In any case, one of the members wrote to me and her name is Nahna. Now, I know it’s a long shot, but any chance she evolved and got involved in a human rights campaign (FTCM?)

    I’m in the process of getting involved in their cause, not only as and AI member, but bloggersunite. In my reader, I found other people to be in touch with their work.

    But I digress. I just wanted you all to know that I take your recommendations seriously. Any books you suggest I put on My listy, as well as any links. I have been falling behind in AI and ACLU activities, so I need to attend to that.

    I’m also going to look for any postings of Wild, Wild West episodes. I watched it every week, but billy, you have some memory. I can only picture some of their contraptions (MOST impressive) and the train they traveled on… As far as RCC is going, they are looking for a way to consolidate Darwin AND claim it is proof of divine intervention, esp. the missing link. That’s my guess, based on how not creationists, but “Intelligent Design” proponents can say they have no argument with Darwin; that you can be a creationist and a Darwinist. While I understand the argument, I am suspicious. I believe the motive is similar to MarX believing he was turning Hegel “on his head.” It doesn’t make sense with Hegel’s dialectics. Similarly, the “I.D.” people are looking to co-opt Darwin, and diffuse criticism by claiming there’s no reason you can’t believe both. Very crafty, and dangerous, and not trustworthy, in my eyes.

  3. @Byron:

    I’m personally opposed to joining “insider” groups so I could never know what the RCC is up to. But they “know” stuff for sure.

    From a friend of a friend I came to know a girl in Perth, Australia called Nahna (nar-nar). About 22 years old, she did strike me a little “odd” (spoke always in a kinda “ethereal” voice) but she was a real character. Smart as a whip. I got invited to her birthday and little did I know she had been pegged as someone “special” by the Roman Catholic Church. I mean REALLY special.

    The whole community had bought houses around her in what they called a “cluster” and the Church had even designated a Jesuit to be her permanent minder. Well, I couldn’t resist. I cornered the guy (he was dressed all in black) and had a quick half hour conversation with the dude. Important note: He never confessed to any title when I prodded him. Pure lawyer. I’m not an alarmist but this guy super-spooked me. His eyes were fixed on mine constantly… incessantly and (it could be my imagination) he never blinked once. This was no nutter, don’t get me wrong. I’m not doing any take-down of the this particular religion, but this guy was WIRED. And he was super-smart too. It’s over 10 years ago now and I don’t recall the conversation but he wrecked me! Had his answers lined up before I finished my sentences. I’m a Deist (and part-time smart-@ss) myself but on this occasion I left well enough alone…

    I’ve heard it said that the plan of the Church is to accumulate all the money in the world. To control and remove its aspects of sin, I presume. Well, good luck with that! But these people could buy a suburban block at the drop of a hat. Ahh.. intrigue. Where would we be without it?

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