America Bombs Moon Back Into Stone Age — Al Qaeda Strength on Moon Confirmed Within 100 Insurgents of Afghan Levels

ffThe United States of America opened a can of whoop — and bombed the Moon this morning. Early reports are promising in terms of any resistance. However, prior to the execution of the LCROSS mission, it was confirmed that the strength of Al Qaeda on the moon is within 100 insurgents of the levels in Afghanistan.

Last week, U.S. national security adviser James Jones stated that there are no more than 100 Al Qaeda operatives left in Afghanistan. here. That means that the Moon is within 100 insurgents of the insurgents facing us in the Afghanistan theatre. As a result, it is expected that there will soon be calls for an surge on the Moon to face the galactic Al Qaeda threat.

For those of you who are “Blame Earth First” voters, I will remind you that previously the Moon Men attacked our planet. They started it:

The current score is Earth I, Moon 0. Here is our first move against the lunar threat, which has been declared a success by NASA.

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  1. hidflect:

    “To strengthen its scientific credentials, the Vatican is organising a conference next year to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of the author of the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin.”

    now that is interesting. What are they up to?

  2. Area 51 is probably a Buck Rodgers type test facility. they probably love all this space alien bs as it keeps the focus off what they are actually doing…creating swine flu vaccine that will render us without will to oppose a coming government takeover. I have it on good authority because President Obama channels through me at 9 pm every Thursday night in odd numbered months.

  3. Bob Lazar is telling the truth about the transportation to Area 51. I know there were other employees that claimed they used the Vegas Airport, and then were taken by bus to where they worked. I don’t know about the rest of his story, though.


    This is from PhilTV “Swine flu monkey aids.” It almost encapsulates the theme on this thread, somewhat. He has a series on the Illuminati. I find him funny. N.B. ADULT CONTENT. It’s four minutes long.

    Now I’ll educate myself on this feud y’all are talking about.

    Area 51: Definitely bad mojo. I have no desire to even go to Vegas.

    Have you ever listened to Art Bell, or his replacements? Art Bell lived outside of Vegas, and he’d let anyone talk about aliens and Area 51, Major Ed Dames on remote viewing, etc. I can’t believe it all; in fact, Art Bell would give them the forum, but he didn’t believe all of it. I haven’t heard it in years, but it’s fun. Coast to Coast Radio.

  5. Area 51 is not a joke. I had family who lived in Vegas and Henderson Nevada, and they told me some very alarming stories concerning this area. They had a friend(no names), who was out near Area 51, back in the mid 90’s. They were “scared away”, but good! I was never able to find out how they were “scared off”, but suffice it to say, they never returned to Area 51, nor anywhere close to it!

  6. Stanton Freidman is down on Bob Lazar because Bob Lazar has been caught in a multitude of lies! His educational background, his work history, everything has turned up bogus. He marketed himself as an insider, he never even graduated from the community college he briefly attended let alone the universities he said he attended. He stated he attended Caltech and MIT and had graduate with degrees in physics and electical engineering. When asked his dates of graduation he stated,” UMM, it was around 82′”Graduates from MIT are usually certain the year of graduation. Stanton, checked yearbooks and microfish data searching for graduate work and thesis information. NADA. ZERO. ZILCH. In fact, not a single person who attended these outstanding institutions of higher learning, can remember him attending in the years he alleges. Furthermore, he took a few classes in electronics at Pierce College in the early 80’s and never graduted. Funny, my ex-roomate graduted with his AA from this California community college, in Woodland Hills. Ain’t life grand!

  7. @Byron:

    I think the RCC recently made some decree accepting the possibility of ET life…

    oops, here it is:

    Vatican says aliens could exist

    P.S. Why is Stanton Freidman so DOWN on Bob Lazar? He doesn’t even scorn sea monsters so bad…

  8. “I’ve listened to Cronkite’s Science Advisor multiple times (can’t think of his name.) For years, he insisted that Mars had water, and everyone said he was nuts. Now we know that’s not true” me

    What I MEANT was we know he isn’t crazy; I was referring to the latter statement. Had to clear that up.

    My uncle was in the Army-Air Force, working with hot-shot pilots. He developed air tanks that doubled the air volume, I think they were made of aluminum, which is so commonplace now. He was made a Colonel and his picture was on the cover of Stars & Stripes.

    He heard many similar stories; I don’t doubt them. My now former husband is a pilot, and I don’t think they are hallucinating when they see that kind of stuff.

    Now that someone mentions it, what is the Catholic position on ET life? I’m still a recovering catholic, so I don’t think I’m allowed to even ask, at least in the U.S. Mexican churches are much more forgiving, if you are sincere.

  9. bily:

    as a member of the RCC how do you accept UFOs?
    Is there a Papal Decree that accepts the possibility of other life forms?

  10. Gordon Cooper was an ex- Air Force pilot and astronaut in the early days of the “space program” and was witness to many alien spacecraft with an otherworldly origin. He was convinced, and rightly so, that the aircraft that he observed flying in our atmosphere, could not have been manufactured on this planet, due to our technological limitations at the time. Lenticular shaped craft would mean “lens” shaped or bi-convex in shape. This is a standard description that witnesses observe up close, in daylight. Slow moving or stationary craft have often been referred to as “lenticular” or even “cigar-shaped”. Most phenomenon witnessed by observers, I personally feel, is “explainable”. Some is decidedly “unexplainable” and has an origin from another solar system. Possibly Zeta reticuli. This solar system, is the alleged one that the aliens who abducted the Hills came from. Most fighter pilots and bomber pilots, with an appreciable amount of “flightime” under their wing have “all” witnessed phenomenon that is very, very, difficult to explain away, by conventional or scientific methods. You should google, Stanton Freidman M.Sc., astrophysicist from the University of Chicago. He has devoted many years of research to the UFO phenomenon in this country and abroad.

  11. @Billy#1

    We all remember Dennis Quaid as “Gordo” Cooper in The Right Stuff (“Who’s the best pilot you ever saw?”). Look up the real Gordon Cooper’s interview footage on YouTube. He states plainly he saw a UFO land and take off right in front of his eyes along with a crowd of USAF personnel. Lenticular-shaped, as he called it.

  12. You are all so creative. I’ve started working on pop-ups. Let’s plot out the moon as a distorted mirror of earth. We know it’s made of swiss cheese, we can map out Afcraterstan, and I think the guys from the Wild West should be our heroes. The most difficult part would be what surrounds the moon. Al Queda, MechaGodzilla, Bush and Cheney… I know I’ve left stuff out, but please add your own here. I’m going to save the entire thread and see what I can do with it.

    I had planned on my own vision of the multiverses, but this would be way more fun.

  13. The al queda aliens in the crater Afcraterstan, where the probe actually exploded, saw it coming and fled over to the crater Pakcraterstan and are hiding and plotting there now.

  14. billy

    The Mississippi River is often used as the dividing line, although it’s inaccurate. I’m so glad I saw New Orleans while I was hitching around the country in the late ’70’s, early ’80’s.

    You never told me if you liked the movie?

    Need a med break; hopefully, will be back soon.

  15. I remember an episode of the “Wild Wild West”. Jim and Arte were in New Orleans and Voodoo and black magic were afoot. Sometimes it was unclear how this “western” wound up in New Orleans, Devils’ Island and on Mississippi River steamboats, but I guess anything west of Illinois would have been considered the west back then.

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