Burrito Bomb: South Carolina Charges Teen with Throwing Deadly Missile at Car

1014092inside1South Carolina police have charged a 15-year-old boy with the serious offense of throwing a deadly missile at a moving car. The missile was a burrito. Driver John Addie says that a hard object (possibly a bottle) hit his car before the burrito came through his window.

180px-Papa_chevos_burritoThe burrito was allegedly launched from white Dodge and Addie got the car’s license plate (as well as the spicy forensic evidence).

The attack occurred at 2:30 p.m.

The teen admitted to throwing the burrito and was handed over to his father — presumably under the agreement he would not “Run for the Border.”

What Addie needs is to get this dog for protection from burrito bombs:

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5 thoughts on “Burrito Bomb: South Carolina Charges Teen with Throwing Deadly Missile at Car”

  1. Another not so bright moment was throwing bottles out of the moving vehicle and one misfiring and hitting the inside of a persons car. It turned out to be a judges car to boot. He’s dead long ago and it had to be more than 30 years.

    The great outhouse/porta potty escapade is another chapter to be written in the chapter entitled “Poppa Smurf that’s a Nice Mullet You Are Wearing.”

  2. AY,
    Another bad one is trying to throw a pumpkin over a car as we drove by on our bikes and the pumpkin falls short and takes the outside rear view mirror with it! I never pedaled so fast in my life! I wonder what the statute of limitations is for pumpkin assault of a car?

  3. Not as bad as tobacco juice being spit out the window and hitting the windshield. The old lady was pissed at us, but a 15 year old does not really think of the consequences.

  4. The great burrito bandito strikes again!

    Brings to mind the recent hot dog heist case when the perpetrator of the crime was caught with mustard splatter on his shirt.

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