Gnome Nazi Invasion!

straub_poisonFirst there was Al Qaeda, then Swine Flu, and . . . now that you think you are over the worst of it . . . here come the Gnome Nazis.

A German artist Ottmar Hoerl has arranged 1,250 garden gnomes with their arms outstretched in the stiff-armed Hitler salute in the historic central marketplace of Straubing, a town in southeastern Germany. Called “dance with the devil” the exhibit actually caused a legal controversy.

Germany bans Nazi symbols and prosecutors tried to stop the Gnome Nazi army from taking to the field. However, a court ruled that these gnomes are artistic Nazi and satire — thus allowed under the nation’s laws.

The most important aspect of the art is to educate people of the real dangers of gnomes, who often hide in gardens with an tranquil or pleasant exterior. While Travelocity may want to bury the truth, gnomes are known as violent extremists who use horticulture to achieve garden cleansing.

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13 thoughts on “Gnome Nazi Invasion!”

  1. Just to note, the artist said the gnomes were a protest of bigotry and lack of acceptance of other groups, etc., that resemble that present during the Nazi regime.

  2. There’s… something…in… theyard.

    Anyone else ever notice that Shatner, Sinatra, and the lead singer from Cake all have the same rhythmic inflection?

  3. Jill,

    …. May I suggest he be (garden) stoned?

    I suggest that he has been for a while. Fire one up.

  4. Well there’s Gnomes business like Gnome business….

    Oh give me a Gnome….(Home on the range)

    A Gnome by and other name is still a Gnome….

    Gnome, Alaska… That is where is will end…..

  5. This artwork offends both the secular and religious order of Germany. In Transcendental Meditation it is customary to chant: “Gnoooommme” while levitating. Consequently the artist is engaged in blasphemy. May I suggest he be (garden) stoned?

  6. “gnomes are known as violent extremists who use horticulture to achieve garden cleansing.”

    Gnomes are peaceful souls only wanting to enjoy sylvan pleasures,
    except for those beasts from Zurich.

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