Video: Baby Rolls in Stroller In Front of Passing Train

This video is hard to watch. However, the most extraordinary thing is that this six-month-old baby boy survived with only a small bump on the head.

It appears that what saved the baby was the fact that he was strapped in the seat, which was pushed with the train to the end of the platform.

I am in Houston for a speech this morning and heard John Roberts on CNN this morning that the baby had been saved by God. That, of course, raises the inverse presumption that the babies killed by trains were sacrificed by God. His co-host had just repeatedly declared it “dumb luck” when the coverage took a divine turn where both agreed the baby was “in the hands” of the divine. Do you agree that such acts are evidence of God’s hand?

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  1. How about Texas high school football? isn’t that where god plays around the most?

    And GWLawSchoolMom, what else would you expect to find me and my kind on a Friday Night.

  2. All the Southern Baptists in Southern Australia are gonna Drop Kick you to Jones Kool Aide Stand Brotha Rafflaw.

    You don’t know it but Jesus gave them the message to do what they were doing including the mother who was told to test her faith. It was her first born. And now let us pray together. Amen.

  3. Wow, one scary video! The allegation that God took pity on this baby and saved him/her is laughable. With all due respect to anyone’s religous beliefs, if you believe that everything is in God’s hands and we can’t control our destiny, why have doctors and why have any safety laws since God is going to take who he/she thinks is important for his/her Big Picture plan?? God didn’t save the child. The circumstances of the situation prevented the child from being seriously harmed. The train slowing to a stop combined with the stroller looks to fall onto its side and the baby may have actually slid out of the stroller which may have saved him/her. I am sure glad that the baby wasn’t hurt, but God didn’t have anything to do with saving the baby.

  4. Leo writes: Football is “his” busy season. However, he isn’t as busy as usual since the the refs have outlawed overt end zone demonstrations.

    How about Texas high school football? isn’t that where god plays around the most?

  5. It all happened in “Video: Baby Run Over by Train in Australia”

    So it was not the US. Good, I am glad. This makes me happy, especially since it was not in Texas. Wait we don’t have subways. Good. I don’t think we do. I have not been out of my hole for a while.

    Stel, sucking up to nal will not get your grammar any prettier. It may get you disliked by a lot of folks. Maybe not me. But you just never know. Are you looking for a Tramp Stamp as well?

    The above was meant only as humor. Please disregard anything found offensive. Not to be read by people with limited vision, IQ, anger issues or ownership of a weapon.

  6. If that happened here in the U.S. that baby would have been removed from the mothers care by child protective services and the mother would have been charged with risk of injury to a minor, negligence and probably a myriad of other charges that the cops could come up with. The mom was probably texting or gabbing on her cell and definetely not paying attention to her surroundings. This momentary inattention is what causes children to be snatched away in an instant, whether it be death or kidnapping. Thank God the child was not harmed. Remember, God works in mysterious ways. And as it was once said, “Man proposes but God disposes”.

  7. Tlin,

    That is a Lionel Double H scale, Super Electromagnetic Supersonic Glider Stroller. Not to be confused with the rest.

  8. That appears to be one hell of a stroller. Not a miracle.
    Anyone happen to know what brand/model that was?

  9. The savior of the baby’s life is purely secular; it wuz them:

    Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers…

    GWLSMom: Football is “his” busy season. However, he isn’t as busy as usual since the the refs have outlawed overt end zone demonstrations.

  10. Well, even gawd needs some drama in his pathetic, boring life and some dramatic airtime—especially on Fox News[sic]—to let people know he is still ‘da *Man* in charge and you do not mess with ‘da Man!

    Besides, he had met his quota of little baby angels for the month.

    Scrawled on gawd’s daily/monthly planner is this divine, heavenly inscription:

    Babies? We don’t need no stinkin’ babies.


    It is this type of irrational nonsense that we let G. Bush get away with for 8 years. He clearly demonstrated that death and destruction always follows christian crusades/crusaders and religious idolatry of all stripes.

  11. Why didn’t God stop the stroller before it went over the edge of the platform? Not dramatic enough? Wouldn’t have gotten on CNN?

    Bravo nal. Well played!

  12. Well CCD,

    He does have this site, so all is said that needs to be said.

    nal. see it is not NAL, Hows that Tramp Stamp. You wear it well.

  13. Every moment is God. And yes God allows some ‘innocent’ to die, because He is God. We think ,we, little babies, adorable children,saintly women,upstanding men, are so crucial in the whole scheme of this world, in God’s plan, and we just aren’t.
    God loves all,He created all. Yes He saved that baby and yes just as easily He could have let the ‘sin’ of this world remove that child. But instead God saw in His infinite wisdom something more would grow from saving this child. Thank God we say!! Yes Thank God.
    Praise Him because He asks us to. Fear Him because He asks us to. Love Him because He asks us to. Trust in Him because it is eternal life.

  14. Ok, is this an ACORN movie? No link, no name, no train ID? Can anyone tell me where this is made/produced?

  15. All I can say is “This was one lucky child” the mother probably has more guilt than a person that get busted for a drunk driving.

  16. is that an inside or an outside station? it most likely is outside because of the cross slope for drainage of the platform. It looks like the stroller was accelerating rather than just bumped.
    If it was an inside station there may be a cause of action due to faulty design/workmanship. But if the child wasn’t really hurt could you prevail in court? At the very least a warning sign should be put up at all exterior/interior platforms with cross slopes that drain to the tracks.

    There was a long chain of random events that both caused the accident and prevented the child’s death. Any slight deviation at any point would have changed the action and the outcome. Was it God, only God knows for sure.

    Like the story of the man that wanted to commit suicide, put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger and nothing happened. The flaw could be traced back to a disgruntled employee and from there to a pain in the butt boss who was angry because his child had a long term illness. One sometimes wonders about outcomes and causation.

  17. Why didn’t God stop the stroller before it went over the edge of the platform? Not dramatic enough? Wouldn’t have gotten on CNN?

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