Bunny Briquettes: Stockholm Burns Rabbits to Heat City

260px-Bambi-thumper-adult City officials in Stockholm are feeling the heat over rabbit fuel. The city relies on green technology, including biofuel to reduce pollution and global warming. So, when thousands of rabbits had to be culled from Sweden’s parks and streets, they were used as fuel in the city heating plant. Now, people are hopping mad, but officials are having “burn, bunny, burn.”

The rabbits are foreign invaders and have no natural predators. That is no predator except Tommy Tuvunger, one of the hunters, who estimates that roughly 10,000 rabbits have been killed. Once killed, they are frozen for eventual shipping to the heating plant in Karlskoga.

The plant has developed a new method for converting animal waste into fuel which involves crushing, grinding, and then pumping the remains with a mix of wood chips for burning. Presto! You have bunny briquettes.

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11 thoughts on “Bunny Briquettes: Stockholm Burns Rabbits to Heat City”

  1. I’m sure the geriatric playboy would agree: Hugh Heffner.

    Does that count as a double?

    I wish I thought of that on the topic of flying cow suits. The farmer doesn’t have any money, but they could try suing Hugh Heffer.

    Googliness demands sleep. goofy…aahhhh

  2. Hey, everyone! See Chazzbo? SEE WHAT I HAVE TO LIVE WITH?

    Actually, I’d be dead if he didn’t keep me laughing (and noticing when I’m comatose is a big plus. My doctor declared him a hero for saving my life twice. All I can say is, “Who asked you?” To quote a friend, “You are the light of my life. Just like an eclipse.”

    I will cease and desist from domestic chatter.

  3. As a member of P.E.T.A (People who Eat Tasty Animals) I think that this exploitation of Rabbits deprives the German people of Hossenfeffer (not to be confused with David Hasselfhof when he’s drunk off his ass) needlessly when we can easily freeze dry Frogs to same end (as I think was recently done for fuel in Australia).You also can make great hand warmer,hats,and stoles with Bugs’s cousins whereas Frog hats (not to be confused with Paleo-Rockers Foghat)are distinctly gauche.

  4. I guess Sweden will now officially be part of the loonie left.

    Just remember this, a kiss is just a kiss
    and Soylent Green is People!!!

  5. That thumbnail rabbit photo is of Thumper, which ironically happens to be the same sound made by thousands of other rabbits in the spinning crusher/grinder hopper, much like when your warshing machine load becomes unbalanced during the spin cycle…

    Thumperty, thump, thump

  6. Another “hare-raising” tale from Scandanavia. How Swede it is??? Twould probably warm the cockles of Mr. McGregor’s heart.

    Joe G–

    Excellent point.

  7. “The frozen rabbits are then taken to a heating plant in Karlskoga which incinerates them to heat homes.”

    Now what do they do with the fur? Oh PETA would object to this I am sure.

  8. Little bonnie fufu I don’t want to see you scooping up the field mice and bop on the head. And down came the fairy godmother and this is what she said…. Hare today goone tomorrow.

  9. So you freeze them, ship them, crush/grind/pump them… and this *saves* energy? Really??

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