Letter Leporidae: Rabbits Are Not Just For Fuel Anymore . . .

In light of our disturbing Bunny Briquettes story, this video shows that rabbits are useful for many things beyond combustible fuel. Indeed, Sweden may want to consider dispersing its excess rabbits to offices as letter openers.

The FBI alone could use this army of mail opening Leporidae.

Other office rabbits are been seen, here and here.

4 thoughts on “Letter Leporidae: Rabbits Are Not Just For Fuel Anymore . . .”

  1. nal

    Thank you!! I love that!!

    The word “wabbit” actually exists. Maggie Thatcher once used it, and it’s common in G.B. It means, really wiped out, overtired.

    Years ago, I met someone in Texas that sold wabbits, held them in elevated cages. Their poop fertilized the soil, and fed worms, which he sold to fishermen. His ultimate goal was to grow food; I didn’t stick around to find out.

    A letter licker labbit would foil the plans of the conspiracy our gov’t has to collect all our DNA. My former husband always used water for envelopes and stamps. But, he’s CRAZY and PARANOID. If you are engaged in say, mailing anthrax, an LLL would be useful.

  2. I do not care about letter opener wabbits, cause I got a big Boy Scout knife for that task and since I aint a kid the Gubmit caint seize it from me. However, I refuse to lick stamps or especially the sealing gook on a letter.

    Therefore, I am in the market for a letter licker labbit as long as it is certified free of tularemia.

  3. From What’s Opera Doc?


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