12 thoughts on “A Dog and a Chick”

  1. I have a St. Bernard; this is not unusual behavior. The dog is probably trying to figure out what the little yellow thing is. They are the calmest dogs in general, although there can be exceptions. It’s a great photo.

  2. Alan:

    The propensity of a particular breed for violent behavior has been part of the common law for centuries. Restatement (Second) of Torts, ยง 509 has memorialized the common law as follows:

    “(1) A possessor of a domestic animal that he knows or has reason to know has dangerous propensities abnormal to its class, is subject to liability for harm done by the animal to another, although he has exercised the utmost care to prevent it from doing the harm.

    “(2) This liability is limited to harm that results from the abnormally dangerous propensity of which the possessor knows or has reason to know.”

    Some commentators have said liability based upon known dangerous propensities of the breed or the individual animal goes back to Mosaic law, Solon’s laws of Athens, and the Roman Institutes of Justinian.

  3. They are indeed an inspiration considering the things that go through my mind. I was just told not to act on the voices. Just say no. Ok, Nancy, I hear you.

    The above was meant only for humor or maybe not.

  4. My wife and I look forward to your weekend animal photo. I don’t know where you find these, but, they are a great break. This one is a real keeper!

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