Wanted: Single Good, Democratically Elected African Leader to Collect $5 Million

200px-Africa_(orthographic_projection).svgThe Mo Ibrahim Foundation is famous for handing out $5 million each year as a prize for African good governance. This year it is keeping its money and prize for lack of anyone who could claim both democratic election and good government on the continent of Africa.

180px-Mo_IbrahimThe Mo Ibrahim Prize for achievement in African leadership is awarded to a democratically elected former African head of state or government who has left office in the past three years. It is funded by Mo Ibrahim, a Sudan-born billionaire.

Past recipients are Joaquim Chissano, former Mozambican president, and Festus Gontebanye Mogae, Botswana’s former president.

Nelson Mandela, the former South African president and anti-apartheid icon, is an honorary laureate.

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5 thoughts on “Wanted: Single Good, Democratically Elected African Leader to Collect $5 Million”

  1. Were you sir born in Johannesburg? It did not say where you have to be born….

  2. True. The bind is in the idea of “democratically elected”.

    Otherwise how about me? What the world needs is a white bread Canadian….


  3. Well heck, let me nominate, Obama, nah not an African, Bush, not a real American. Me, well for 5 Million a year I could live most anywhere….Ok, I accept the nomination…..

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