Arizona Muslim Runs Over 20-Year-Old Daughter and Friend for Allegedly Being “Too Westernized”

art-1.almaleki.ppdPolice in Peoria, Arizona believe that they have another attempted honor killing. Faleh Hassan Almaleki, 48, ran over his 20-year-old daughter, Noor Faleh Almaleki, and her friend Amal Edan Khalaf because he allegedly viewed her as “too Westernized.” She has life threatening injuries and he is on the lam.

He is Iraqi and has complained about his daughter adopting American ways and habits. His solution appears to have been to try to “honorably” murder both women. He was last seen in a gray or silver Jeep Grand Cherokee.

We have kept a steady record of such honor killings or attempted killings, which largely occur outside of the United States. However, we have our own home grown variety as we have tragically seen over the years, here.

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15 thoughts on “Arizona Muslim Runs Over 20-Year-Old Daughter and Friend for Allegedly Being “Too Westernized””

  1. I hate these pigs who immigrate to the United States only to complain about American culture and American values. While I realize that we have our own problems he should have thought about that before he moved here. The immigration lawyers who assist in flooding our country with this scum should be placed under arrest and it’s time to start cracking down on who we let in here.

  2. He shouldn’t have brought his family here.

    Anyone with half-brain should know that America is whore-central.

    I amreminded of a line from an old history I read years ago “It’s possible to be pure in Babylon if one is puritanically raised”.

  3. Well lets see.. Her father brought her over here to AMERICA so of course she is going to act more like the woman here.. not being all covered up. “Westernized” if thats what his reason was for running over his daughter and if thats what he wants to call it sounds pretty lame to me.. When in reality they brought her here.

  4. it’s simple physics. We exported so much freedom to Iraq that a vaccuum was created. This vaccuum was quickly filled by Iraqis, living in the U.S., importing their Iraqi freedoms here. One of these is the freedom to run over women if you want.*

    *does not apply to women

    Gyges: capital idea

  5. Gyges, thanks for the reminder. As we learned from George Bush and Dick Cheney, many Americans are prepared to pursue medieval solutions to what are perceived to be medieval problems.

  6. Sally:

    Sorry about the “he/she” thing. Bad cut and pasting by me. I left off the “s.”

  7. Rivirivi,

    Or we could, you know, arrest him, try him, and punish him like Arizona law calls for. I mean since he was in America and all, where we favor courts and not mobs for our justice dispensing needs.

  8. The reason why people, normal people want to live in this beautiful country is because of the freedom. This Iraqui idiotic power-over syndrome man should go back to his country, where other stupid humans who believe his stupid reasons and go bomb, maim, hate and kill women and their children in the Iraqi markets, if he so much loves and respect their crazy murderous ways. GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM IMBECILE!

  9. Mespo….

    it says that SHE has life threatening injuries, not him, unfortunately.

    It’d work out better for all involved if he was the one with the life threatening injuries, instead of his daughter

  10. This is not uncommon in any area of the world. Unfortunately. This is a very common occurrence to settle the westernization of the women. I do not understand how a person can kill there own, but sometimes kurds get in the way.

  11. How ironic! Judging by the Iraqi dad’s overweight face (cheeks especially), he’s the one who looks Westernized! Somebody ought to run him down (or at the very least, keep him from making any more McDonald’s runs!!) How ironic and how hypocritical!!!!! He’s a joke. P.S. You would never hear of a backward, Neanderthal Iraqi dad running his beloved SON down….only the girls suffer. He needs to go back to the Middle East and live out his outdated, irrelevant “ideals” there.

  12. Typical-don’t come to America if you don’t want to be westernized. Stay the hell home in Iraq where you can live like the backward culture that you are. Why do we even let people from the Middle East into America. These people and their culture aren’t much more than animals-we should have gone over killed them all and just taken their oil. The world would be better for it.

  13. “he has life threatening injuries and he is on the lamb.”


    Ah, the courage of his religious convictions. Almaleki has now become westernized himself being the subject of an old fashioned Pretty Boy Floyd-esque manhunt. As another self-deluder once graphically showed us: Mission Accomplished!

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