The Marquis de Sade Defense: Former Judge Claims To Have Been Schooling Inmates Allegedly Raped and Spanked in His Chambers

art.judge200px-Sade_(van_Loo)Former Mobile County Circuit Judge Herman is offering a defense in his criminal case that may strike some as more appropriate for the Marquis de Sade than an Alabama jurist. Accused of having inmates brought to his chamber for sex and spanking, Herman insists that he was trying to rehabilitate and educate the men.

There are 11 alleged victims — down from 15 with 50 counts (also a reduction from the original indictment).

His defense attorney Robert Clark insists that Thomas, 48, was just “mentoring them. He was trying to get them to do right, to be productive citizens.”

One of the former inmates has testified that he is not sure why his semen was found on the judge’s carpet, but admitted that he was spanked with a belt by the judge on several occasions.

180px-Sade-Biberstein-1The prosecutors insist that these inmates were given preferential treatment by the court. Conversely, when some refused, the judge allegedly gave them excessive sentences.

If the judge ultimately admits to the paddling, it will be awfully hard to convince that the forensic and testimonial evidence does not show a less than educational approach to justice.

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12 thoughts on “The Marquis de Sade Defense: Former Judge Claims To Have Been Schooling Inmates Allegedly Raped and Spanked in His Chambers”

  1. spare the rod, spoil the child. just saying.

    “With the jury back in place, the defense began by calling Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Lipscomb to the stand and the emotional level in the room ratcheted. Under Deen’s direction, Lipscomb described his present and former duties as leader of the archdiocese, including those pertaining to personnel matters. Lipscomb stated that he knew the defendant since the 1990s due to Thomas’ membership in St. James Catholic Church in Prichard.”

  2. I guess you have to go with what you’ve got, but Mr. Clark is clearly a better man than I. I do not believe that I could publicly announce the “mentoring” defense and simultaneously maintain anything resembling a dignified expression.

  3. You forget, this is Alabama. Spare the rod and spoil the inmate. When I was in first grade in Texas, the teacher kept a paddle handy for uncooperative students (and yes, this was a public school, not a Catholic school which I hear were worse). I’m sure Alabama was no different then, and would appear to be about the same now.

  4. Didn’t Bill Clinton mentor Monica as well? It would be so great if Kandyse McClure wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail with me.

  5. Elaine M.,

    Are you sure it was not from his wife’s perspective going down on an Argentinian Beach?

  6. Sounds like a spanking good defense strategy to me. It seems like the judge has given a whole new meaning to the term “mentoring.” Brings to mind Governor Sanford’s addition to American idioms when he went missing while “hiking the Appalcahian Trail.”

  7. Oh my. He visited them in Jail? While a Judge? He resigned? He lost his license? What more could possibly go wrong for this man? Once known as Judge?

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