Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink and Recline: Minnesota Man Pleads Guilty to DUI For Motorized Comfy Chair

dennis+leroyDennis Anderson, 62, of Proctor, Minnesota is not exactly your typical DUI defendant. He pleaded guilty after being arrested while “driving” drunk. The vehicle in question was his modified La-Z-Boy recliner.

The Proctor Police Department report that Anderson had a blood alcohol level of three times the limit when he left a bar in Proctor in his La-Z-Boy, which has a radio, headlights, cup holders, and is powered by a lawn mower engine. Proving that women are always impressed with a tricked out ride, a woman jumped on the chair and Proctor lost control — running into a parking car. He had had eight or nine beers.

He has been sentenced to 180 days in the St. Louis County jail and fined $2000, plus court fees. However, However, the court will waive part of the fine and jail if he stay clean and off his La-Z-Boy on city streets.

What I do not get is why, if a La-Z-Boy is a vehicle for purposes of DUI (which seems a bit questionable), he was not charged with carrying excess passengers.

What is clear is that these wild cats wearing their snuggies and zipping around in their punked La-Z-Boys are a public menace and a threat to public decency. They would get the chair in Texas if they didn’t look forward to it and demand a clicker with their potassium chloride cocktail. This is why these wild cats stay out of Proctor where the officers are called Proctologists by the racing geriatric set.

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7 thoughts on “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink and Recline: Minnesota Man Pleads Guilty to DUI For Motorized Comfy Chair”

  1. Well, it appears that Proctor will win this Gamble.

    Next they will be citing the operators of bumper cars at the Proctor Zoo carnival rides.

  2. I wonder if he built this ‘vehicle’ for the purpose of driving home from the bars in what he hoped wouldn’t have been considered a vehicle?

  3. He crashed into parked cars and had a 0.29 I would say that he was FUBAR. The story read that he attached a lawn mower engine to his lazyboy. This is/was funny and creative.

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