You Scream, I Scream . . . Kansas City Man Charged With Luring Girls with Ice Cream Laced With Sedatives for Pornographic Pictures

james+edwardsPolice say this cheerful mug shot is dangerously deceptive. James Phillips Edwards, 60, has been charged by Kansas City police with allegedly luring children with sedative-laced ice cream and then filming them in pornographic poses after they lost consciousness.

Photos were traced to Edwards’ computer, leading to a search of his house. One of the files recovered of young girls was entitled “Consuming The Date Rape Drug.” At least eight girls are believed to have been victimized.

According to police, Edwards would give drinks and ice cream laced with the drug before videotaping the girls.

Thus far, he is charged with advertising, possessing and attempting to distribute child pornography. I would expect the list of charges to expand. However, these charges alone could produce sentences as high as 30 years and, if found guilty, he would have a hard time asking for mercy or leniency. Indeed, he may have a hard time asking for any deal in a plea bargain with the understandable outrage of the public. The ice cream man will face a Rocky Road ahead.

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12 thoughts on “You Scream, I Scream . . . Kansas City Man Charged With Luring Girls with Ice Cream Laced With Sedatives for Pornographic Pictures”

  1. An incredibly sad story to read. The young girls who were violated by this monster will spend the rest of thier lives mistrusting men, and to some degree blaming themselves for this violation. The true loss of innosence. I do hope that they are all recieving excellent psychiatric treatment.
    Sex is a basic human need, and sex offenders are a breed like no other. The most recent recidivsm statistic for this type of offender is 73% ( Canadian stat ) with treatment.
    Canada does actually attempt to treat these offenders, when, of course, they agree to treatment. I had the opportunity to complete a work placement, while in college, at a local correctional facility and learned a great deal on the topic. A combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ( which I could go into in great detail, however this would cause the men in the audience nightmares I am sure ), and drug treatment ( typically Depo Provera ) remain the preferred treatments to date. Treatment begins, obviously, during incarceration, and continues during parole. Sex offenders in Canada are rarely held to thier Mandatory Release Dates, simply to allow for post release community follow up to be mandatory. While this is often a bone of contention for many in the community, the reality is that these offenders only have the temptations in front of them while they are members of society and need to be closely monitored for this reason.
    This all being said, sex still remains a basic human need, and each person has thier own….preference in that area. For this reason sexual deviation is a behaviour unlikely to change. For example, homosexuality remained a psychiatric illness….a sexual deviation in need of treatment… up until the newest edition of the DSM ( DSM IVR ) was created. While I haven’t the relevent statistics to back me on this, I suspect that the 27% of sex offenders who are considered ” cured ” most were in fact guilty of crimes such as statuatory rape, voyarism, and exhibitionism. I doubt that there are many of that 27% who committed rape, or pedophillia.
    What then is society to do with these people? I know that I always feels a sense of security when I hear of a sex offender who has been deemed a ” Violent Offender “. In Canada, these offenders are held indefinately, no release date. However, in order to designate a criminal as a violent offender they must have a very long list of convictions behind them. Difficult indeed, considering sex offenders are very good at manipulating thier victims into submission. The other recourse that our system has is to have the offender deemed NCR ( not criminally responsible ). In this situation the offender is monitored essentially for the remainder of thier lives, or until an assigned board decides that they are cured.

  2. Just look at that picture.The thought (or appearance) police should have picked this guy up way before it happened.Terribel story.But I swear I sat nect to this guy once at a Dead show and just never saw it coming.He should have a nice time in the clink with this story.

  3. “Yep, that chasm between good pleasure and bad lust is getting too wide for us to bridge … if we don’t get with the program.”

    Good point. I believe that the use of the “sex is sin” meme of many religionists has assisted in creating more who indulge in sick sexual pursuits. I also believe though that there are genetically those predisposed to such behavior and those who have a lust for power intertwined with their notion of sexuality. To me the problem is we currently have no adequate treatment modalities for this kind of disorder and imprisonment
    only delays the time until they are free to act again.

  4. AY & lottakatz,

    Our culture bloviates the libido in a thousand ways, from diet and pop arts (movies, porn rags, trash lit, etc.) to the glorification of machismo and violence.

    Lust is like putting hot air in a balloon and our society cranks it up until it destroys the balloon with an ugly sound.

    Pleasure is the legitimate side of it, and that should be the destination of all parental upbringing, educational approaches, and rehabilitation of those who can be rehabilitated.

    Yep, that chasm between good pleasure and bad lust is getting too wide for us to bridge … if we don’t get with the program.

  5. Dredd,

    This is why I have mostly refused to represent rapist. This is the Poster Picture that most people have in their minds when they think of a person committing such a serious allegation against a child rapist, pedophile etc.

    They are entitled to protection just none that I am willing to afford them. What I have learned is that most of these folks that do these things have been victims of the same things and do not subconsciously realize that this behavior is wrong. They may know it on a surface level but they cannot control the underlying defect(s).

  6. Look out, here come the porno ice cream brands … “I am not going there” would be my contribution to the “flava” list …

  7. LottaK,

    While I do not have a Medical Degree I can only speak on the other side of the coin. 1) You need rehabilitation; 2) mental health; 3) better choice of partners; 4) patience;and etc.

    The Legal side, raps em, stacks em, racks em and then releases them. No real counseling whatsoever. It is a problem that will never get better until you get better judges. So on the legal side there is not a whole lot they can do except incarcerate them and hope that they are not a repeat offender. Not much left in the way of MHR as they have less money than the legal side. So it is an endless loop back to prison for some. And unless it was a violent rape the system cannot keep them as they have no money.

    The problem with the GOP is tax cuts at the risk of society as a whole.

  8. This guy is DIS-GUST-ING and sick, very sick.

    We have several professionals in the health and legal professionals and generally sharp cookies on this blawg so I’m going to throw out an anecdotal example and a reverse misogynistic question and maybe someone can enlighten me.

    I had occasion to do a search on registered sex offenders in my Fathers neighborhood. I came up with an albeit outdated listing that ran to over 100 in a 7 block radius. It was admittedly low rent, urban area and many of the offenders had the same address’ so I assumed several half-way houses or rooming houses which was consistent with the neighborhood.

    After looking at the charges for most of them (It was fascinating and occupied much of an evening.) I threw out all statutory rape, flashes (exhibitionists do not usually progress beyond exhibitionism), ambiguous charges and domestic violence charges that did not specify sexual assault of some kind. There were still well over 50% of unambiguous charges of sex assault of some kind and/or rape. I counted 1 charge per person, no loading on no matter how many charges per conviction were levied. Some had a history of such charges and conviction but I just counted the last charge.

    Two other things; over the next couple of days I did searches throughout the entire metro area and county but just to see the distribution dots- no detail, and I was amazed at the number of RSO’s, such concentrations were not unusual. I also kept in mind that most sexual assaults are still woefully under-reported.

    Really, what is going on? What is wrong with men? I realize that’s a totally negative and biased statement. What are the numbers? What percent of men commit these crimes? Are these numbers more or less for other kinds of violence? (Its not about the sex- it’s about the use of violence to dominate). The fact remains that rape is a male crime, when women are charged with sexual assault or abuse it makes the national news for a week. So what do we need to do, start telling children in school that rape is wrong, child abuse is wrong?

    Do we need to start treating this kind of misogynistic dominance behavior as an illness (especially pedophilia) and just hospitalize them like, forever, a mandatory life sentence for pedophiles? A nice little room with a TV and 3 squares, counseling included, but they never get out. (I can actually rationalize that knowing that the premise of treating it as a mental health problem and providing treatment should be rehabilitative and lead to release.) I’d vote for that.

    Obviously the way society is handling these crimes is not working so what’s wrong and what do we need to do?

  9. Attention directed to the article.

    If this were my child that this man did this to and I had proof on his computer, I am sorry to say that he would not have to worry about a trial of any kind. I would and his family or the state would have to be making arrangements for his remains.

    I recall a case out of Australia where an 81 year old grandmother shot the testicals off of a two 40ish men after she learned that they had raped her 18 year old granddaughter.

    She then went to turn herself in and gave them the 9mm and told them what she had done. I do not believe any charges were filed.

    I do not know if it true but hey, sounds like a Justified Testicular Tactic to me.

  10. Well Charles,

    You say it like thats a problem. Hell, this is Texas after all. Again, you can speak any language you want where you want even here in Texas, so long as it is our version of English.

    Another thought after think about this, We are watching the wrong border I have concluded.

  11. I hope Prof Turley highlights this one

    Dallas police chief: Dozens of tickets issued for not speaking English

    Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle said this afternoon that his officers have written at least 39 citations to people over the past three years for not speaking English.

    Apologizing publicly to the city’s Spanish-speaking community, the chief said all officers and supervisors involved will be investigated for dereliction of duty. All pending citations will be dismissed, and people who paid fines will be reimbursed.

    “I was stunned that this would happen,” Kunkle said at a news conference.

    The police chief added: “In my world, you would never tell someone not to speak Spanish.”

    The bogus citations – there is no law requiring Dallas residents to speak English – came to light after it was revealed that a rookie officer, Gary Bromley, had issued a citation on Oct. 2 to Ernestina Mondragon for being a non-English-speaking driver.

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