A Puggle Pup Named Pip: Man Charged After Giving Puppy Alcohol

jared+colony250px-BraxtonPuggle-edit1In Iowa City, Jared Colony, 28, has been charged with aggravated cruelty to animals after giving a puggle puppy named Pip vodka in its bowl as a joke with friends.

When the friend returned after 30 minutes, the 4-month-old puppy was barely breathing and Colony reportedly laughed “Pip’s just a little drunk right now.” Nice.

Here is the Iowa provision:

A person is guilty of animal abuse if the person intentionally injures, maims, disfigures, or destroys an animal owned by another person, in any manner, including intentionally poisoning the animal. A person guilty of animal abuse is guilty of an aggravated misdemeanor. This section shall not apply to any of the following:

1. A person acting with the consent of the person owning the animal, unless the action constitutes animal neglect as provided in section 717B.3.

2. A person acting to carry out an order issued by a court.

3. A licensed veterinarian practicing veterinary medicine as provided in chapter 169.

4. A person acting in order to carry out another provision of law which allows the conduct.

5. A person taking, hunting, trapping, or fishing for a wild animal as provided in chapter 481A.

6. A person acting to protect the person’s property from a wild animal as defined in section 481A.1.

7. A person acting to protect a person from injury or death caused by a wild animal as defined in section 481A.1.

8. A person reasonably acting to protect the person’s property from damage caused by an unconfined animal.

9. A person reasonably acting to protect a person from injury or death caused by an unconfined animal.

10. A local authority reasonably acting to destroy an animal, if at the time of the destruction, the owner of the animal is absent or unable to care for the animal, and the animal is permanently distressed by disease or injury to a degree that would result in severe and prolonged suffering.

11. A research facility, as defined in section 162.2, provided that the research facility performs functions within the scope of accepted practices and disciplines associated with the research facility.

I assume this is being argued as “poisoning” though it would also fit under “injure.” An aggravated misdemeanor is punishable by up to two years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

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6 thoughts on “A Puggle Pup Named Pip: Man Charged After Giving Puppy Alcohol”

  1. So please explain to me what purpose would be served by giving this moron two years in jail? What he did was awful, but frankly more than a few pet owners also abuse their pets with no consequence. I love animals, but sometimes this American obsession with anthropomorphizing them seems a little weird to me. People can hate and revile Michael Vick, who was raised in a “dog-fighting” culture and yet not feel any empathy towards those who are ill and have lost their health insurance.

  2. Maybe he was practicing his ‘joke’ for when his girlfriend has a baby. Animal abuse = child abuse?

  3. People like this make me sick to my stomach. What human beings do to one another is bad enough; but a poor defenseless animal that trusts its owner? Disgusting. Whatever the maximum penalty is that can be visited upon this man, I’m all for it. And please get the dog awat from him before its too late.

  4. Iowa City, Jared Colony. Is this anything like Jamestown, the Virginia Colony?

    This man does indeed need better social interaction skills. But he could either a) become President or b) end up dead in a Wisconsin Correctional Facility like a thing by the name of Dahlmer, Jeffrey…..

  5. This mental giant should spend some time in jail to reconsider his big ideas. I would hope that he would be prevented from owning any other animals and that this poor puppy is quickly removed and given to some one who has some sense in his/her head.

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