Guess Jeans: Video Shows Arsenal Hidden in Baggy Jeans

While this site often explores police abuse allegations related to overreactions or excessive force by officers (as well as members of the legal community), this video shows the type of hidden dangers that officers face.

The only thing this kid does not pull out of his baggy pants is a 75mm howitzer. When I saw this video, I thought how it was the best rationale for the Supreme Court’s ruling in Terry v. Ohio allowing pat downs based on reasonable suspicion. You can also see why baggy pants are not just stylistic statements for gang members.

Of course, some people achieve even greater feats with live animals, here.

13 thoughts on “Guess Jeans: Video Shows Arsenal Hidden in Baggy Jeans”

  1. Ooops: HEADLINE: Toddler suspended from nursery school for concealing yukky contraband in diaper

  2. I have 8 hand guns and some baggy jeans. I’m also in law enforcement. I put all 8 guns in my pockets etc. Difficult to move, yes. But I could carry four with no problem at all. However it would be easier to carry ONE gun and several magazines. The point of the video however is that with a “tighter” dress code, PUN intended. it would be harder to conceal weapons and magazines. The baggy clothes do make these morons easier to catch though when they are running…

  3. I’m with Buddha and Buelah on this one (trying saying that ten times fast)

    Do hood-rats use baggy clothing to hide guns and drugs? Yup.

    Is this video just plain stupid? Yup. I’d like to see video of the two or three people helping this guy load up while he stood still. I’d also like to see the first dozen takes when all those guns kept falling out.

  4. Maybe schools should impose a Scottish-themed dress code and require kids to wear kilts. I would think it’d be more difficult for students to hide weapons under their pleated tartans–especially on windy days.

  5. OMG, Byron,


    good to see you up and about.

    Next time pass on that Billy Beer proprietors reserve vintage 1979. Your kidney will thank you.

    Or did Nal actually get a kidney and this was all a smokescreen?


    Billy Beer, YUCK…. PUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Do you know how flat that would be and the possibility of poisoning that could occur from drinking a beer that is 30 years old?

    hey wait, what has time to do with that beer poisoning today? Not much difference then or today, still bad stuff.

    I had forgot about the Organ Exchange Program created to extend nal’s service to the bureau. This is kind of like an OEM but that is too much information here.

    By the way, What were you down for exactly ? I will make the list and email under separate cover the exact details for when these items will be procured. Would a Sunday work better for you?

  6. Buddha:

    good to see you up and about.

    Next time pass on that Billy Beer proprietors reserve vintage 1979. Your kidney will thank you.

    Or did Nal actually get a kidney and this was all a smokescreen?

  7. Yah, I have to go with BuelahMan and say “propaganda”. This is overplayed for certain.

    Someone carrying that variety of weapons without specialty gear like holsters and straps (that themselves would be obvious in themselves) would be waddling like a duck from the shifting weight, especially in those ridiculous baggy pants. Besides, half of the “gangstas” that wear those pants wear them hanging so far down they might as well just put the guns in their shoes. And I ask you this – how much weight can a pair of pants support without a belt and/or waist acting as an anchor.

    Yeah. This guy may have been carrying all that iron, but it WASN’T all in his pants. This is dual purpose propaganda. It appeals to 1) fear and 2) racial profiling.

  8. This is hilarious. First, this guy wouldn’t be able to take a tep without someone noticing something. With that hard leg created by a shotgun and the fact that there is nothing holding the stuff in his waste band, this is definitely done as a scare tactic, but doesn’t reflect reality in the slightest.


    Sorry, this particular propaganda film is beneath the Turley blog.

  9. I’m fairly certain this video was done for dramatization purposes, and a tad bit over done. But, it accomplishes it’s main intent to scare more people about non-police guns and baggy panted teens.

  10. Hey big Bertha where are you saving the night to spray that dew. Thats where the Howitzer lays….

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