Corpus Delicti: Rhode Island Man Flees Hit-and-Run With One of Three Victims Lodged on Windshield

Christopher-Swiridowsky-thumb-200x217When Christopher Swiridowsky, 30, decided to flee the scene after mowing down three pedestrians he had a one problem: one of the victims was lodged in his windshield.

Swiridowsky hit the people around 1:35 am on Sunday after the victims had pulled over on the side of the road to deal with an unrelated accident. Swiridowsky continued on his way with Jose Flores, 24, impaled on his windshield while being pursued by another driver. He stopped and ran on foot only to be found hiding in his closet at his home.

Flores has thus far survived, but he has two broken legs and a broken arm. Efron Trinidad, 28, is also in critical condition and a third person, Michael Abrams, was released after being treated.

To make matters worse, Swiridowsky is wanted on two other warrants, one for failing to appear in a Superior Court drug case, and one charging him with embezzlement.

Incredibly, this is not unique as a case, here and here and

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4 thoughts on “Corpus Delicti: Rhode Island Man Flees Hit-and-Run With One of Three Victims Lodged on Windshield”

  1. There was a movie about this!

    Stuck (2007) R

    Driving home after a night of partying, Brandi (Mena Suvari) accidentally crashes into pedestrian Tom (Stephen Rea), who gets stuck in her car’s windshield. Brandi struggles with whether to help save this man’s life or simply let him die and thereby protect her career. In extreme pain and with little time left to live, Tom pleads for Brandi’s help and tries to find a way to escape from his glass prison in this horrific thriller.

  2. I question why Mr. Flores is not charged with impeding the flow of flow of traffic.

    What would you expect him to do he was in an unsafe state, get out remove the body and keep on driving? RI is a really small state. 5 more miles and he would have been out of there.

    No, he has to go home, and when the cops find him, what does he do? He comes out of the closet. Now another group disenfranchised.

    The above was meant only as humor.

  3. Perhaps Mr. Swiridowsky will file a complaint against Mr. Flores for destruction of property (his windshield)…

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