Wisconsin Legislator Falls During Sobriety Check in Third Arrest for DUI in One Year

asm6711357357_BG2Rep. Jeffrey Wood has achieved a degree of unwanted national fame after being shown in a police dashcam falling down during a sobriety test. From both a legal and political standpoint, falling down is never good during such tests. It does not make it better when this is Wood’s third arrest in less than a year on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The video below shows Wood pulled over in his Buick Skylark and asked to walk a straight line. He proceeds to stumble backward into his car before falling down into some grass.

He was charged last week with third-offense operating under the influence of an intoxicant and bail jumping.

Not surprisingly, Wood has announced that he will forego running for reelection.

Here is the video.

This is not his first appearance on a dashcam/youtube performance:

For the story, click here.

15 thoughts on “Wisconsin Legislator Falls During Sobriety Check in Third Arrest for DUI in One Year”

  1. Byron, ‘where did you go to high school’ is the St. Louis question to ask upon meeting a new person. 🙂

    Yes, O’Fallon. I’m a city girl by birth. The Bevo area still has the windmill but it goes through cycles of being a restaurant- last I checked it was vacant. The neighborhood has been a desirable location for refugees and immigrants from Bosnia and Croatia and a lot of new business’ have opened there after some years of decline, Musial’s and Biggies sold out of their city location and are now somewhere in the County. The Cheshire Inn and restaurant is still there though. Man, their Sunday brunch was a high point of my week on more than one occasion, nom, yum, nom, yum, nom, yum 🙂

  2. lottakatz:

    did you go to high school in St. Louis? I graduated from Lafayette HS out in Ellisville. My mom and uncle went to Webster Grove HS.

    Is the Bevo Mill and Green Turtle still around? What about Stan Musials and Biggies and the Cheshire Inn.

  3. Hmm, worked better than I thought- maybe I’m just seeing double because of the beer I had with supper 🙂

  4. MacK: The better half put on the Bill Hicks Austin TX concert about an hour ago and I remembered your advice “Never do Field Sobriety Tests (FST).” This ones for you, enjoy 🙂


    Or try this if the embed doesn’t work:

  5. eniobob–

    What’s in the drinking water in South Carolina? Testosterone? Viagra? All these SC government officials are giving us new sexually-laced idioms. Sanford was “hiking the Appalachian Trail”…this fellow was just “on his lunch break.”

    Looks like that deputy assistant district attorney was caught dead to rights. A very grave situation for him indeed.

    Too bad Rep. Wood couldn’t stay upright for a few seconds when he was asked to walk in a straight line–he didn’t have fer-ti-go.

  6. Come on folks,don’t you recognize the problem here:

    “ver·ti·go (vûrt-g)
    n. pl. ver·ti·goes or ver·ti·gos
    a. The sensation of dizziness.
    b. An instance of such a sensation.
    2. A confused, disoriented state of mind.”


  7. He was charged last week with third-offense operating under the influence of an intoxicant and bail jumping.

    I have looked for the charge of bail jumping in other articles. It is not explicitly stated but would this come from being on bond for the one that occurred in December 08?

    Unless I have missed it. In Dec 08 he was charged with drunk driving, possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Now he is charged with the second. Did he fail to appear for something?

    Sound normal for someone from Wisconsin, the UP, Texas…..

  8. Never do Field Sobriety Tests (FST).
    It is not in your interest to perform them, they can’t help you one bit, but can add ammunition for the state in court.

    You can’t pass them even when perfectly sober if they cop says you failed, because they are subjective to how they cop “feels” you performed them. Not that a cop would ever falsely try to arrest a person just to pad his or her DUI arrests. LOL had to laugh on that thought.

    It may be even more telling in this video, because the cop arrested him on the results of the FST, and not due to the reading of the breathalyzer test.

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