Hankering for a Better Husband: Minnesota Mother of Four Shoots Husband and Then Blames Her 3-Year-Old Child

betsy+hanksBetsy M. Hanks, 25, is a real catch looking for a new husband. The Minnesota woman first shot her common-law husband in the head and then tried to blame the killing on her 3-year-old son.

Hanks called 911 on the morning of Oct. 20th to report that she had found Matthew D. Albert, 27, in bed with a gunshot wound to the head. She said that they had been arguing the night before over Albert’s suspicion of an affair and that, after sending her two older kids to school, she took off with her 3-year-old boy to the town of Mizpah, Minnesota. She left her 18-month-old baby with Albert. She reportedly said at first that she found him still alive with the gunshot to the head. She later claimed that she saw her 3-year-old son playing with the gun and it went off when she tried to take it from him. Later still she admitted to just shooting the man “because she wanted a better father for the children.” She then threw the gun into a swamp, where it was later recovered.

I am a bit surprised that the charge is second-degree murder and not first-degree murder.

I also cannot escape the irony that Hanks ran off to a place named Mizpah, which is a Jewish term for the emotional bond between people who are separated (either physically or by death). Mizpah jewelry is worn to signify such a bond with the departed. Genesis 31:49

“And Mizpah; for he said, The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another.”

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10 thoughts on “Hankering for a Better Husband: Minnesota Mother of Four Shoots Husband and Then Blames Her 3-Year-Old Child”

  1. Wow. People are so insensitive. I know you hear about a lot of deaths so you’re kind of immune to it but I was a friend of Matt’s and I’m a friend of his sisters’. This matter that you’re all joking about is a SERIOUS subject and has torn people’s lives apart.

  2. While I prefer not to post such good songs on a thread as this, it does provide an opportunity to remind people of good songs and display some interesting video/photo montages people think up.

    The fuzzy guitar is unique and the haunting melody is one that is not easliy forgotten. Thank you Sono Bono.

  3. Jill, If she had succeeded pinning this thing on her 3-year old, you can bet there would be people demanding that the kid be tried as an adult.

  4. Ryan,

    You can’t just go around charging three year olds with first-degree murder. That isn’t right!

  5. I’m also very surprised that she wasn’t charged with first-degree murder. I’d love to find out what circumstances they believe warrants a lesser charge.

  6. Never, ever trust a woman with a thick neck and a wide space betwixt her buck teeth…

  7. I always thought Florida was the whack job capital of the US, but it appears that Minnesota has taken up the challenge. Between Michelle Bachmann, Mr. DUI-On-His-Tricked-Out-Barcalounger, and this outstanding citizen, the Land of a Thousand Lakes will soon be known as the Land of a Thousand Loonies.

  8. Dredd,

    How do you know she was not acting in accordance with the demands of a feral cat? The voices were so over whelming and she believed that she was doing the cats work.

    Man cannot live by cat alone.

  9. This story is so implausible it might be true. Nimrod, Minnesota was probably her second choice.

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