A Bit Too Scary: Maryland Officer Arrested For Pulling Gun on Character in Haunted House

200px-TheTexasChainSawMassacre-posterMaryland police Sgt. Eric Janik, 37, may not get the thrust of trick of treat traditions. The Baltimore police officer went to a haunted house called the House of Screams with friends and when confronted by a character dressed as Leatherface with a chainsaw (sans the chain, of course), Janik pulled out his service weapon and pointed it at the man, who immediately dropped character, dropped the chainsaw, and ran like a bat out of Halloween Hell.

Janik is charged with assault and reckless endangerment for his actions. He and his friends had been followed by Mike Morrison at the end of the tour for “one last scream” in the parking lot. Morrison said later “I started shaking pretty bad.”

Witnesses said that Janik smelled of alcohol. A security officer had actually followed Janik because he appeared drunk and had a nine-year-old child with him. Janik also reportedly gave conflicting accounts to the police, including a denial that he pulled out his weapon.

Janik could also face an assault charge from Morrison in a tort action.

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6 thoughts on “A Bit Too Scary: Maryland Officer Arrested For Pulling Gun on Character in Haunted House”

  1. Take this peice of trash before a grand jury – this is the only solution…

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    The only rights we have are those we can defend in court…

  2. Dredd,

    Hoppiness is a warm gun …

    Ok, Dredd, I raise and call you 1) Beatle and 2) the White Ablum or 3) Charles Shultz and 4) Happiness is a Warm Puppy.

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  3. The last haunted house I visited on a girls night out was a hoot. It was at an old, closed brewery that looked like a castle, a St. Louis landmark and a very spooky place. There were 5 of us and we were waiting in line for the doors to open and there were a couple of middle aged guys wearing staff tee-shirts loitering buy the curb smoking. They saw us and wandered over rather unsteadily. They had been doing some serious drinking it seemed: you could smell the alcohol.

    They launched into this big harangue about how great the experience was going to be. (They were also totally flirting with one of our group and their bragging became extreme.) They bragged that they ran the crew that worked the saws- BIG circular saws but not to worry because the blades teeth were filed off so they couldn’t do any real damage. Everyone just loved their segment of the maze because they were such good actors and really gave every performance their all. And they had to do a lot of physical work too; jump over things and smash some props. Blah, blah, blah.

    Did I mention that they seemed to be having a bit of trouble walking a straight path to the door.

    Right. Two drunk guys with power tools that were disabled from lethality but could probably do some damage if some fool ran into you with one by accident. It scared the bejezzus out of us.

    We speculated that this incident might be a pre-show warm-up routine designed to heighten tension… (Cue that screechy music here)… OR WAS IT? I don’t really know but I gotta’ say, we were terrified before we even hit he open door to go in. Best darn Haunted House I ever visited. The saw guys were AWESOME 🙂

  4. Following the LEO and his kid into the parking lot for ‘one last scream’ seems inappropriate to me. inside the venue is fair game but outside the venue adds an element of uncertainty to the encounter that invites a confused reaction.
    Besides, everyone knows that real serial killer-depraved-cannibalistic-spree killer-madmen take jobs in those places because they can actually chop people up and bystanders think it’s part of the ‘act’. Srsly, I’d have been inclined to shoot first and ask questions later. That’s only me of course.

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