Hold the Rap: Utah Police Charge Teens For Rapping a McDonald’s

200px-McDonald's_New_LogoWhile police officers are being fired for ticketing protected progeny in Stockton, Utah, teenagers are being arrested in American Fork, Utah for rapping at McDonald’s drive-through. They insist that they are innocent, but the police insist that it was indeed a bad rap, but a good collar.

It appears that people in American Fork do not like mixing rap with burgers. The teens said that they were simply rapping their order out of fun as on a popular video on YouTube below, which begins with, “I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce …” The rap goes slower as it goes on.

Spenser Dauwalder was told that they were holding up the line — even though he said that there was no one in line. Nevertheless, he and his three 17-year-old friends left without buying anything.

The store manager, however, acted quickly and wrote down the car license plate number and called the police who tracked down the rappers in a high school parking lot. They were cited for disturbing the peace.

American Fork Police Sgt. Gregg Ludlow insists that his force was right to charge the teenagers: “It was not just that they were rapping, they continued to hold things up.”

For his part, the owner of the McDonald’s franchise, Conny Kramer, insists that it was not about holding up a line (which does not appear to have existed) but rather a clear and present danger to the employees from rappers: “The employee in question felt that her safety was at risk as a result of the alleged actions of these individuals in the drive-thru, not as a result of them rapping their order.”

Now here is the McDonald’s rap video that they were imitating. [WARNING: IMITATING THIS VIDEO CAN RESULT IN YOUR ARREST IN UTAH]

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7 thoughts on “Hold the Rap: Utah Police Charge Teens For Rapping a McDonald’s”

  1. When is McDonald’s going to be charged with “incitement to rap”? And since when was rhythmic speaking illegal? If it is, how come Jesse Jackson isn’t in prison a long time ago? How about an entrapment defense here! And some fries to go with it.

    Even if the Utah cops have nothing better to do, I know if I were a judge, there would be a prosecutor in line for an ass chewing for brining this kind of case to bar in my court. A prosecutor has discretion on making filings. This would be an appropriate time to exercise it against the cops and for the defendants.

  2. Are you kidding me! Do the police in Utah have nothing better to do than to harass teenagers? Was the donut shop closed or something? Maybe they just don’t have any real criminals in Utah!

  3. A clear and present danger to the employees from rappers. –owner Conny Kramer

    Store managers had every right to jump to DEFCON one, launching a dollar menu barrage at these juvies. Let Ronald sort the bodies later.

  4. Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a tortilla. That’s a wrap.

  5. I have really never heard any “Good Rap or anything good coming out of the Rap.” Maybe it’s a mix of Irish Folk Lore out there mixed in with the Rap that caused these kids this crap. I don’t sing rap, because I think it crap…..

    With a population of 26,472 people in 2007, American Fork describes itself as a city that provides

    “big city opportunities and small town goodness.”

    Well yeah haw, ride em…..

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