City Father: Utah Mayor Fires Officer For Giving Son Ticket

150px-Jupiter_Smyrna_Louvre_Ma13Officer Joshua Rowell in Stockton, Utah (population 443) has been reinstated this week after being fired by Mayor Dan Rydalch. It appears that Rowell had the audacity to ticket the mayor’s son and was fired on the spot by an anger father. He was out of a job until the Top Kopp — Police Chief Heinz Kopp — and others objected.

The Stockton City Council finally yielded to public outcry over the incident and reinstated Rowell. Rowell had ticketed Rydalch son’s after he evaded a DUI checkpoint and was then found to be driving without a license.

The mayor insisted that he fired Rowell for “exceeding the scope of the traffic checkpoint” and “refused to cooperate with a superior.” However, Kopp said that Rydalch was irate over the ticket and acted in an “inappropriate and unprofessional” manner.

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5 thoughts on “City Father: Utah Mayor Fires Officer For Giving Son Ticket”

  1. I blogged this. FYI, Stockton is right next to the Deseret Chemical Depot–a major stockpile of nerve gas. Not exactly premium real estate. 😉

  2. Mayor of a place with only 443 population? The librarian at our local high school has more clout than that. They have 1,200 students there, and woe unto one of them that keeps a book past its due date.

  3. Sounds like the Mayor is not long for the road and that he was acting “Ultra Vires” this is quoted out of the article.

    “… members of the board quoted from the town’s own handbook giving the chief of police full authority over personnel matters in his department.”

    I guess that the board did the correct thing.

    More from the article:

    “Before taking their own vote on the fate of Officer Rowell, the town board heard from some in the audience. The essence of their comments could be boiled down to this: “Keep the cop, throw out the mayor.” One woman even asked the board to consider impeachment.

    You think that this would happen in big city:

    “afterward, Officer Rowell refused to comment on the mayor’s actions. Instead he thanked the board and the people for their support. He said, “I’m excited. I want to get back out there. I want to do my job.”


    I find it rather humorous that a town or city with a mere 600 residents has this type of corporate governance and a police force de jure.

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