Is that a Ferret Or Are You Just . . .? Florida Man Arrested for “Special Weapon”

rodney+bolton180px-Mustela_putorius_furoIn Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Rodney Bolton, 38, has been charged with attempted theft of a Ferret from a pet shop by hiding it down his pants. The charges to his crime, however, are even more unique.

Bolton clearly understood the dangers of secreting ferrets in one’s underwear since he allegedly induced the animal to bite a witness to the Pet Supermarket heist. When a 17-year-old boy confronted Bolton in the parking lot, he allegedly squeezed the ferret and then shoved it into the teen’s face — causing it to bite the teen.

That is the basis for the charge of simple battery with a “special weapon” in addition to the retail theft charge. As for the ferret, counseling and therapy is expected to take years.

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2 thoughts on “Is that a Ferret Or Are You Just . . .? Florida Man Arrested for “Special Weapon””

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  2. Sounds like a job for Special Agents of the Federal Government to handle after all they are all feral employees.

    Which debunks the myth of any intelligent life form. Beam me up Scotty we are in Florida after all.

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