Teletuddy Terror: Tinky Winky Threatens to Cap Woman In London For Purse

TeletubbiesJerry Falwell tried to warn the world about the Purple Teletubby Tinky Winky, but everyone laughed, here. Well, they’re not laughing now in London where the television character is being sought by police in a Halloween armed robbery.

Tinky Winky was implicated in the crime of robbing a woman at gunpoint in the center of London. It turns out that Falwell was wrong in one sense: Tinky Winky wears a purse not because he is gay but because he just snatched the purse from some old lady.

The police ultimately grabbed a purple Tinky Winky only to discover it was a guy dressed for Halloween. Constable Kevin Lui explained in quintessential British understatement: “He was deemed not to be the teletubby we were looking for. Unfortunately, Halloween provides (robbers) more cover than any other night.”

Tinky Winky is very familiar to dealers on the streets of London as a strung-out loser who will bust a cap in your head for a piece of Tubby Toast (slang for brown heroin).

The fact is that the Underworld associations of the Teletubby crew (they actually live underground) has been well-known to the police for years:

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Tinky Winky reportedly went “Telebad” after being wounded in an assassination attempt:

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  1. The video seems to show the hunter as a paid hit man for the yellow telebubby. Did the robber need the old lady’s purse money to pay off the hit?

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