8 thoughts on “A Lesson in Equine Etiquette”

  1. PM,

    That is a very neat movie and I had never heard of it before your post. The music alone is worth the cost of the DVD.

  2. Since we are talking about horses I thought that I would share,can anyone relate? LOL!!

  3. So this guy is proving that you can lead a horse to water,but you can’t make them drink?LOL!!

  4. I’ll never be your beast of burden . . .

    Come on! All the animal farm yard critters sing along! Even the pigs! You know the words! And the chickens have Mick’s strut down I tell you.

    I laughed.

    Good horsey. Dumb kid.

  5. I think I have dated that Mare. Though she would never snare a colt in this fashion. I saw this once in live action and ‘boy was there some reaction. She ended up living with Michael Jackson.

    Never mess with my Philly, as she will make you look just silly, this was her version of a wet Willie.

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