Pet Cemetery: Long Island Woman Accused of Being Serial Pet Killer

*Nov 07 - 00:05*Police in Suffolk County are investigating what they claim could be the Ted Bundy of pet serial killers. Sharon McDonough is accused of torturing, killing, and burying dozens of pets in her Long Island backyard.

Police believe that as many as 20 pets may be buried in the yard in a case reminiscent of the movie Arsenic and Old Lace. Some are thought to have been pets of McDonough’s neighbors who have been reporting missing animals for years.

Beyond obvious criminal charges, civil charges could follow such a find. However, the courts value pets according to their market not their personal value. Instead, the owners can sue for their own emotional distress as opposed to the suffering of the animal.

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10 thoughts on “Pet Cemetery: Long Island Woman Accused of Being Serial Pet Killer”

  1. if anyone can find her personal information and send it to me (…preferably her home address, i will send you $100 via paypal.


  2. Our house is a very very fine house with 2 cats in the yard life used to be hard….

  3. “Apparently her husband was killed last year in a traffic accident.”

    Most likely run over by a Greyhound….

    …that is now slumbering beneath McDonough’s backyard grass.

  4. MAYBE her husbands death sent her over the edge. Or maybe he swerved to hit a dog or a cat and she is “paying” that animal back through the torture and death of similar animals.

    Human minds are a mystery and who knows what can go wrong and cause the brain to misfire.

  5. Flipkid,
    thanks for the info. This makes this even worse, if that’s possible.

  6. Mike Spindell: Google news for the numerous full stories about this whack job. Unfortunately, she DOES have kids; it was her oldest son that called the authorities on her, and she allegedly made her kids hold the animals while she tortured them. While she has already been ROR for the animal abuse charges, authorities are now investigating her for possible child abuse as well.

    Apparently her husband was killed last year in a traffic accident.

  7. This is a very disturbed person, who at least from the story thankfully has no children. People who torture animals are sadists, who can move up the food chain with the whims of opportunity. It is hard for us to understand the feelings of someone like this, but then most of us are not sadists and so find it hard to relate to the pleasures they derive from their acts.

  8. I simply do not– and will never– understand people who abuse and torture animals. The frustrating thing is that even if she is prosecuted to the fullest extent of whatever local statute is on the books for this type of crime, the punishment will be negligible… because they were “just animals.”

    I think I see who the REAL animal is here.

  9. I hope she dosent have children. Is she married? If I were her husband I would be moving out about now if I just found out.

    What a piece of cat sh . . . (it’s that canned food that does it)

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