Officer Assigned to Anti-Shoplifting Duty is Convicted of Shoplifting

article-1226093-0721A688000005DC-123_468x286Peter Cokell, 34, was convicted recently for stealing two PlayStation 3 games in England. No surprise there. What is a bit odd is that he was the police officer assigned to prevent shoplifting at the store.

Cokell was assigned to an HMV store when he was caught putting the games underneath his “stab vest.” Just for the record, he stole Call of Duty and Kill Zone. He was spotted by a security officer and insisted later that he was taking the games “help him relate to young people.” He also claimed that he was only “rearranging his trousers” not shoplifting.

He will be sentenced in November.

Here is the tape:

3 thoughts on “Officer Assigned to Anti-Shoplifting Duty is Convicted of Shoplifting”

  1. Well if you want to be a thief either become a LEO or Tow Truck driver. Same difference. Nah Tow Truck drivers have to obey some laws and most LEO hate competition.

  2. He thought “Call of Duty” and “Kill Zone” were police training tapes due to their emphasis on shooting people. Seems like an honest mistake to me, unlike those vile Walmart shoppers and their insistence on “stealing by purchase” of those infamous lighters.

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