God is My Co-Pilot: Atlanta MARTA Driver Forces Passengers to Pray

250px-Marta_atlanta_skyline200px-MARTA.svgA MARTA bus driver in Atlanta has been suspended after he allegedly stopped the bus and told passengers to pray. LeRoy Matthews stopped the bus on Nov. 3rd at 7:30 pm for the impromptu religious observance.

in a complaint against Matthews, he stopped the bus suddenly and then stood in got out of his seat to ask all of the passengers to hold hands for a brief prayer. The prayer lasted five minutes.

It is assumed that most of the passengers were praying for another bus driver.

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8 thoughts on “God is My Co-Pilot: Atlanta MARTA Driver Forces Passengers to Pray”

  1. MARTA gets a bad rap from people who never ride it. the city that’s too busy to hate is really just too busy hating to function.

  2. Would this be considered a state action or not? Arguably, the driver was rogue. What are potential causes of action against the driver in tort?

  3. MARTA- Moving Africans Rapidly thru Atlanta.

    If you’ve never prayed before ride the MARTA and you will start even before you get on the bus.

  4. Hmm, False Imprisonment sounds like a starter. But what are the real damages? Amen,

    Amen I say unto thee (you) or Amen amen dico tibi.

    Luke 23:43

    43 And Jesus said to him: Amen I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.

    Well, its like a lot of things and one person heaven/paradise is another ones hell.

  5. How big a story would this have been if the bus driver had been a Muslim and he had all of his passengers bow towards Mecca and pray??????

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