Video: Subway Car Stops Inches from Woman on Track

While subway operators are often accused of negligence or texting or sleeping, it is important to keep in mind those operators who fulfill their duties with stellar success. This video appears to show a drunk woman who owes her life to not only this operator but the two people who frantically alert the operator that a woman is on the track.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority says that the train operator was Charice Lewis who saw the men waving. The woman lost her balance while trying to put out a cigarette. She was unhurt.

7 thoughts on “Video: Subway Car Stops Inches from Woman on Track”

  1. And nobody seems to have noticed that, at 0:08, she touched the third rail with her foot. Lucky to have survived THAT.

  2. Dredd & Ay–

    Sorry to inform you: It wasn’t Jack or Johnny that led to her inebriation. It was good old Sam Adams. There’s nothing like a few pints of Boston Lager to get one ready to ride the “T.”

  3. Dredd,

    Don’t forget his half brother Johnny Walker, if you please, apparently black velvet let her down…..

  4. We folks up here in the Boston area know how to do drunk with a flair. Besides, putting out a cigarette ain’t easy, ya know. I’m sure this woman will end up as the butt of many a joke.

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