12 thoughts on “A Fan of Dogs”

  1. It’s true that dogs have no sweat glands, but that doesn’t mean the skin is not conducting body heat to the air.

    Our long-haired, alleged coydog placed itself between fan and yours truly on a daily basis this summer, and when not getting blasted she layed in the bathroom on the cool tile floor in the dark. In fact, on our daily walks during the summer, we discovered Autumn would slow to a stop inside each and every shady portion, then walk quickly to the next cool zone.

    We never knew a dog would do this until we began using 16′ retractable leashes.

    On the almond roca weakness: There is no defense, other than a more acute sense of smell than a cat’s and so the ability to detect let’s say less digested solids of interest. Also, there’s the female dog’s need to keep the litter clean.

    All is forgiven when she appears with dead rat or other vermin in mouth and drops it at my feet. She is a consummate hunter, which is a story in itself.

  2. Is a “fan” of dogs a collective noun, like a pride of lions, and exaltation of larks, and a murder of crows?

    The fan of dogs surrounded the fox.

  3. Smart dog. dogs don’t sweat so the cooling effect of fan is less than for a human, but this dog is exposing its belly where its fur is thinnest. Smart dog.

    We have some hot days here in Sydney and my dog Rexx pants like a steam locomotive even though her fur is very short and well adapted for Sydney summers. I do not believe that crap about dogs using their tongue as a cooling organ, I believe that it is their lungs that are the most effective cooling organ, the tongue may help a bit.

  4. Nal–

    Love the cat video–but the title should read: Cat LIES in Front of Fan on a Hot Day.

    Sorry…I’m just a Nal wannabe on corrections!

  5. I see your dog and raise you a cat:


  6. “If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh?,” … if you heat us, do we not fan ourselves? Bravo, Professor. That was worth a wait.

  7. This pup is no doubt a fan of *Fantasia*.

    I wonder; is he dreamin’ kaleidoscopically that his is the mighty Tyrannosaurus *rex* or just one of those centaurs…

    A composted Kitty litter diet leads to hallucinations–a fortnight ago, he dreamt of impersonating the Mad Hatter in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ when the fan started oscillatin’ and the ‘mercury’ rose to 40 degrees Celsius…

  8. Of course they are that smart. But they do like cat doo sprinkled with the litter crunchwrap. Not by bag of tea.

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