California Man Arrested for Allegedly Paying Teen to Spit in His Face

Prosecutors in Thousand Oaks, California have brought a novel charge in a bizarre case. Charles Hersel, 39, has been charged with misdemeanor child annoyance after allegedly paying a teenager $31 to spit in his face. The teenager arranged the deal through MySpace. [Update: Hersel has been acquitted in the case after only an hour of deliberation by the jury]

The man reportedly wanted the teen to slap him and spit in his face while yelling profanities. Usually the charge of child annoyance involves street encounters. Here the charge is being used where the teen actively participates in an Internet discussion.

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26 thoughts on “California Man Arrested for Allegedly Paying Teen to Spit in His Face”

  1. Many of the people are being paid to do certain things. In present days money can do many things. The people who wants to enjoy with girls can vist us

  2. Dear Site,
    This is the real Charles Hersel and I would like to ask you to remove all comments made prior to this one by anyone pretending to be me. I have never met any of the guys mentioned in the previous comments and they were not part of my case. I’m sure that they get a lot if girls and are very chill people. Please remove all previous comments claiming to be me or my friends, as the guys mentioned in the previous comments had nothing to do with this case.
    Charles William Hersel

  3. Dear Site,
    this is Charles Hersel. I forgot to mention that CASEY BLISS yelled profanities at me for cash, as did ANTHONY MIAN. Also, WAZIYA DUPRIS, ANDREW CAMMUCCIO, TUCKER HIGGINS, ZANE SPRUCE and PATRICK SANDS all had said that they would yell profanities at me for cash but never actually met up with me to do it. NICK WEAVER, ZACK WEAVER AND GREG KARAKASHIAN all spat on me and yelled profanities at me for cash, these three guys graduated from Westlake Village High School in Westlake Village, California in 2010. All of the other guys mentioned in previous messages graduated in 2011 from the same school. I wish them all well. No hard feelings but these wrong charges have cost me so much and I have suffered greatly and as I have won my case and it has been closed, it is time for my side of the story to be told.

  4. Jonathan Turley,
    this is the REAL CHARLES HERSEL. I don’t know who it was that posted the above comment. I have no problem with the former plaintiffs, their witnesses or their families in this case. I was found not guilty by a unanimous jury verdict on February 7,2012 at Ventura Superior Court. I won my case and they lost at trial. I do not need to comment on that. However, it’s time for everybody to move on. I wish everybody in this case the best. I am a straight, Mormon male and lived through severe trauma and abuse for nearly 20 years, which is why I paid for mistreatment. I have had over 2 years of therapy and would never allow anyone to mistreat me again. Anyway, time for everybody to move on. No hard feelings.

  5. Dear Jonathan Turley,
    as released in my last message I won my unanimous jury verdict of not guilty on February 7, 2012. CONNOR GANTT, KEATS STANLEY, JOSEPH MATHEWS (JP MATHEWS), AND AUSTIN PERRY spat on me,yelled profanities at me and took money for that from me. CHRIS ANDERSON also yelled profanities at me and took my money. ALL OF THE GUYS ARE OVER 18 YEARS OLD AND GRADUATED FROM WESTLAKE HIGH SCHOOL IN CALIFORNIA LAST YEAR! All of them laughed at me, made fun of me and brought their friends to do the same to me for cash. I asked them to do these things due to childhood abuse issues and that was proven as NOT sexual in nature at my win at jury trial. Time for the truth to be released to the media from my side!

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