California Man Arrested for Allegedly Paying Teen to Spit in His Face

Prosecutors in Thousand Oaks, California have brought a novel charge in a bizarre case. Charles Hersel, 39, has been charged with misdemeanor child annoyance after allegedly paying a teenager $31 to spit in his face. The teenager arranged the deal through MySpace. [Update: Hersel has been acquitted in the case after only an hour of deliberation by the jury]

The man reportedly wanted the teen to slap him and spit in his face while yelling profanities. Usually the charge of child annoyance involves street encounters. Here the charge is being used where the teen actively participates in an Internet discussion.

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26 thoughts on “California Man Arrested for Allegedly Paying Teen to Spit in His Face”

  1. Dear Jonathan Turley,
    this is Charles Hersel and I was found not guilty by a unanimous jury verdict of child annoyance charges at Ventura Superior Court on February 7,2012. Please update this article and heading with the fact that I have been acquitted of these false child annoyance charges at jury trial.
    Charles Hersel

  2. Dear Jonathan Turley,
    this is Charles Hersel and I have been found not guilty with a unanimous vote by the jury at Ventura Superior Court in my case. As such, all charges of child annoyance have been proven false. Please update my story with the fact that I was cleared of all of these false charges yesterday by jury verdict at my trial.
    Thank You!
    Charles Hersel

  3. Joathan Turley,
    this is the real Charles Hersel. I don’t know who posted remarks on your site claiming they were me. I HAVE NO OFFICIAL COMMENT at this time.
    Charles Hersel

  4. Charles Hersel:

    “Further, once these untrue allegations are resolved, I would appreciate an update to this story that declares my innocence, at the appropriate time.”


    For one thing, the headline is categorically true, you were arrested for the offense and the offense was based on those alleged (there’s your favorite word)facts. Your guilt or innocence remains to be seen.

    Second, would you likewise appreciate that your conviction– should the impossible occur– be updated too? I hope your analysis of your criminal charge is better than your analysis of the law of defamation. Well, on second thought, given the nature of the allegations, strike that hope.

  5. Johnathan Turley,
    this is Charles Hersel. Please revise your story headline to also state that I allegedly paid to be spit on. THE ALLEGATIONS ARE LIES AND HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT BE PROVEN LEGALLY! I have the legal right to protect myself against defamation on the internet, and I will not hesitate to do so. Kindly revise your story header and add the word allegedly, the correct legal term here. Further, once these untrue allegations are resolved, I would appreciate an update to this story that declares my innocence, at the appropriate time.
    Charles Hersel

  6. I can pay a college student for sex if I use a camera, so why can’t I pay someone to spit in my face?

    prostitutes should by a video camera and get a business license, porn film maker … as prostitution is legal if you have a camera involved.

  7. Kinky business, for sure, but is there really a crime here? I doubt it would be an arrestable offense in any European country. But, so many Americans are terminally hung-up about anything remotely sexual — and this has to be about as remote as it gets!

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  9. He is a sicko. He needs help. Out thar in that sicko state they do just about anything. If this sicko were here he’d be deader as he would be hung at high noon. The nerve of you commie pinko’s defending this scum dog.

    Hang em and then drop em.

    No Hanging will be held when Miss Langtree is in town.

  10. Maybe this was a “quicke”for the man,The expecterant,the gratifcation and the quick wiping of the face,Evidence gone.But it seems this time he wanted more and got caught.:)

  11. I don’t see the crime. Perhaps he should make the argument that he was seeking this humiliation as religious penance.

  12. While my professional training should have better informed me, the range of fetishes held by people is a constant amazement.
    Where in hell do these people dream this stuff up? As for it being a criminal act I don’t see it. Also relating to the thread on the justice of shame, isn’t the publicity this guy is getting punishment enough?

  13. I don’t understand why these weird activity is illegal? The teenager was paid for the service and the payor obviously requested the “service” so where is there an assault?

  14. Buddha,

    As Jim Morrison has stated People are Strange, Faces Come out of the Rain….

  15. AY,

    If you really want to impress a Fremen, pour a little from your canteen on the ground and make a promise. You’d better keep it. Because they will.

    But this?

    This is just . . . kinky. And I’m an unabashed four-color high resolution pervert. I am just not sure what to make of this. If humiliation is your fetish and it doesn’t require sex proper, does that make this guy a molester? Was kid the harmed other than meeting a lunatic? In a substantive manner? Spitting is hardly intercourse. And nothing can protect people from whackos aside from staying indoors 24/7 (and that’s still not a guarantee).

  16. I still have a burning question: Are the Sct Justices still given a spittoon’s at the beginning of each new year of court? I want to say “secession” of court in the last few years but who knows?

  17. Some people have some sick assed fetishes that don’t amount to criminal charges. Like here which is really considered an assault and battery.

    But for the SiFi folks:

    The Fremen of Arrakis in Frank Herbert’s Dune series, spitting was an act of showing one’s appreciation and respect. Since the desert of Arrakis provides only a small amount of water to live from, giving away fluid is a special sign of honor.


    In 1506 some African Tribes called the Mara Chasion believed that spitting was a sign that evil/bad had entered your mouth and you subconsciously spit it out.

    So when people spit on you consider why?

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