14 thoughts on “Kitty Cop: Feline Fights to Serve and Purrtect”

  1. I think I’ve discovered from the timing of the posting of cat videos and photographs that Turley occasionally checks out lolcatz (icanhazcheezburger.com) or some source that does!! I love that site so much!

  2. Anonymously Yours: “Vince, You never sleep. I am sure. Even if you do your mind is going in overdrive.”

    —-Uh oh, He’s got your number Vince- next it’ll be your soul. Take care (cat) brother 🙂

  3. LottaK,

    Thank you.


    You never sleep. I am sure. Even if you do your mind is going in overdrive.

  4. To lot of cats, Yeah, that happened at our house this morning. That’s why I was up and posting so early.

  5. I’m betting he has a cat or cat’s. There is a slightly longer version of this tape floating around (below) wherein he uses a classic multiple-cat-household move to move the kitty along. The kitty tries to come back to him and he puts his foot under the kitty and lifts it up and pivots and the kitty, carried by momentum is deposited a few feet away. No, he didn’t actually kick it, he lifted it and let physics do the rest to deposit the the kitty out from underfoot.

    He was pretty well fed up by the time he does that maneuver (Kittens have small but very, very sharp claws.) and he puts more English into it than I ever did -no, strike that, THAN ANYONE I KNOW, right, not me, someone I observed once- ever did but it’s a multiple cat/small dog owner move.


    This ones for you AY:


  6. Well, I was waiting for that to be a tom cat and ready to ‘mark’ his territory.

  7. My first thought was to be sarcastic and say, “Wow, he didn’t taser the poor feline” but I have to admit, he was very patient and tolerant.

  8. Vince,

    I was amazed that he did not tase the kitty. Yes, the officer was very gentle, he looked like he never missed a beat and was not distracted from the job that he was employed to do.

    You sure you weren’t being ironic then?

  9. AY, No sarcasm. I meant that in all sincerity. Cop was very gentle and patient. He should be rewarded.

    Kitty deserves a treat, too.

    It’s awfully early in the morning. I’m ready for a nap.

  10. Vince,

    Such sarcasm, so early.

    You could distract the officers attention by tying a doughnut is a tree. I am sure with the attention span of most first graders and LEO’s and a doughnut you’d have a debate as to who could hold out the longest.

  11. And that is too why I am up so damn early. A cat that decided it was time for her to eat. And when this little critter almost met the fate which was denied once before. Then better reasoning figured this cat would not taste good with any amount of seasoning and I fed it and all is well. It is now back to sleep and I am not.

    This was funny Professor. Too bad people cannot be this well trained. I am pleased that the officer did not taser this cat. He the officer appears to be quite a professional and most likely is a State Trooper, rather than a local yocal LEO with a shinny new badge.

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