One Thumb Down, Very Down: Vatican Says New Moon is a Must Miss

Reviews can be scathing for new movies, but the producers of New Moon, a vampire film, are being accused of not just robbing viewers of their money, but potentially their souls. The critic in this case is the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture and gave the film one thumb down . . . way down.

New Moon is the sequel to Twilight and opened last week in Britain.

Monsignor Franco Perazzolo of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture warns Catholics that the film offers a “moral void more dangerous than any deviant message.” Wow, I thought these past reviews were bad:

Ruthe Stein, reviewing Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2
“Spending an hour and a half inside a uterus might be more entertaining than this tiresome sequel.”

Sean O’Connell, reviewing Garfield: The Movie
“It’s marginally better than The Cat in the Hat, though that’s like saying suffocation is mildly more amusing than drowning.”

The Day After Tomorrow
“There’s a disaster hurtling toward Earth, and it’s this movie.”

Anthony Chase, reviewing Dirty Harry
“Don Siegel’s latest film, Dirty Harry, is an elegiac, necrophiliac, fascist love poem.”

Of course, those critiques generally left your with your soul intact.

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22 thoughts on “One Thumb Down, Very Down: Vatican Says New Moon is a Must Miss”

  1. lotta,

    Near Dark is an often overlooked gem. How many vampire movies would have the guts to use a line like Bill Paxton’s “I hate ’em when they ain’t shaved.”?

  2. The Pope suffers. Sometimes his handmade shoes pinch a little. It is for the greater glory so he does not complain!

  3. “Pontifical Council for Culture warns Catholics that the film offers a “moral void more dangerous than any deviant message.”

    So is this latest planned edict to Catholic hospitals and medical facilities:

    “Catholic Bishops Enact Plan For “300,000 Terri Schiavos”

    “Incredibly, suffering is one of the selling points in the Catholic Bishops’ directive. “It’s quite specific about the role of suffering in Christian dogma,” Coombs Lee explained. “It says that suffering is redemptive, that it’s part of Christ’s passion. ”

  4. Thanks Vince. How’d you like the new ST? I think it was great, it went back to the basics and opened up a whole new timeline so the franchise never has to die 🙂

  5. Jill, glad to be of assistance.

    amunre, you have plenty of company.

    lottakatz, Dr. Who returns to BBC America in December, featuring “The Waters of Mars” and other new shows.

  6. Buddha Is Laughing “Now who am I again? How does one digress if they are unstuck in time?”

    But are you a singularity in time like Captain Jack Harkness (of Torchwood, Children of Earth, and Dr. Who fame.)? If so, call 1.888.TRCHWOD, Capt’ Jack is looking for a new friend.


    Gyges “Remember folks: every time you talk about a sparkly vampire, Bram Stoker impales a kitten.”

    As does Kathryn Bigelow, the director of Near Dark. Some real baaaaaaaaad vampires in that movie.

  7. When I was in kindergarden Sister Gerlinda taught us only Catholics went to heaven. When I was in 6th grade Sister Elizabeth taught us that going to a Protestants wedding was a mortal sin. When I was in high school Sister Ildephonse told us that we should only date other Catholic kids because mixed marriages were bad…When I went to college my Jesuit proffs. taught us that all the above was bullshit…..

    In my 63 years I have heard more religious bs than I care to think about….

    Sorry just had to vent

  8. I’m with Mike on this one.

    Remember folks: every time you talk about a sparkly vampire, Bram Stoker impales a kitten.

  9. In the film, the Volturi are an ancient Italian vampire coven. Getting a little too close to home, eh?

  10. As a matter of confession I will not see either the New moon movie, nor did I see its’ predecessor. Not my cup of tea. However, what is distressing is that the RCC is again back to the same censorship stance that they had fifty years ago and that was so successful back then in harming films and books that they didn’t like. Pope Benedict seems to me to be a throwback to all that has been bad about the RCC in its’ history and indeed was their Chief of the Inquisition (in disguised form) prior to his assumption of Popehood. It is true that you cannot take the Hitler Youth of the boy out of the religious faith of the man. Not being Catholic this only affects me tangentially, but knowing many wonderful people through the years who believed in the RCC, I am sad for them that this man and his ilk have regained power.

  11. Whew, I was raised as an old-fashioned Congregationalist for which I think I’ll thank my long buried parents once again for their choice in denominations charged with protecting “The Word”.

    I suggest there is nothing that evil loves more than to corrupt an innocent, young child thus giving him/her a fear of church for the rest of their lives … a foolproof plan to keep that child from loving or trusting God.

    Considering the depth and width of pedophilia within the Catholic Church’s priesthood resulting in an epidemic of child-abuse for decades, it is amazing that any priest, bishop, cardinal, or pope would have the chutzpah to claim an ability to recognize evil in anything.

    Matthew 7:3 might help them in their conflict with superciliousness.

  12. The only problem with that AY is I am bending when not outright violating several laws of space-time on a fairly regular basis. I could be anywhen. Not to mention where. Now who am I again? How does one digress if they are unstuck in time?

    So. The Spanish Inquisition.

    The Kennedy doesn’t get the party favors and now you’re damning souls for seeing a film?

    I didn’t realize they made crack in sacrament flavor, but you boys should really lay off the pipe. And if you’re going to get upset because vampires are horning in on your action, keep in mind that zombies and Frankenstein’s Monster rose from the dead and terrorized the villagers too. If you use insane logic, try to make it at least internally consistent. Thanks.

  13. Jill,

    Just think Buddha and I have been accused of being the same person because we posted at the same time as well.

  14. The Church is just mad at the competition! The book was written by a Mormon and has a little Mormon theology in it. Make your own movie–The Pope in the Woods, (what goes out in the woods, stays in the woods!).

  15. Well just take your crucifix, rosary, garlic. Then wait for the head too spin and the pea soup to flail. If none of that happens then just enjoy yourself.

    Patrick Kennedy are you going to see this movie?

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