Fowl Play: Our Top Thanksgiving Crimes for 2009

And now for our selection for best Thanksgiving crimes. The top choice this year is found in Jackson, Michigan where police are looking for a 6-foot, 300-pound bald man who broke into a home and ran directly to the kitchen and stole the Thanksgiving turkey in front of the family.

The bird was also bald and around 15 pounds. Both were seen running out of the apartment building around 11 p.m.

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Then there is the quintessential Thanksgiving celebration with former mayor and former felon Marion Berry. Police were called to quell a developing riot at Berry’s annual Turkey giveaway when there were not enough birds to go around and Berry restricted the birds to people who could prove that they lived in Ward 8. According to radio reports, some people were detained by police but it is not clear if any charges were brought when things turned ugly.

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Then there are the five teenagers who will be lucky to get back home for Thanksgiving dinner after a Turkey prank put a woman in the hospital. Five teenagers on Long Island, New York first bought food with a stolen credit card and then threw a 20-pound frozen turkey out the window on a highway. It went through the car windshield for a 44-year-old woman.

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3 thoughts on “Fowl Play: Our Top Thanksgiving Crimes for 2009”

  1. Remember the TV show “WKRP in Cincinnati”… episode “Turkeys Away” wherein live turkeys were thrown out of a helicopter as a station promotion … “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!!!”

    The idea for the show was based on actual happenings at some city in Arkansas where, for years, they threw live turkeys out of a low flying plane for their annual “Turkey Shoot”. Animal activists finally learned of the yearly event and put a stop to it in 1989.

  2. Story #1 – That’s just good entertainment. It just goes to show how much times have changed since the Bumpkiss’s dogs got into the kitchen and ate the Old Man’s turkey. But that was at Christmas. There’s a movie in that story . . .

    Story #2 – Does anything Marion Berry touch NOT turn into a sideshow of some sort? The man is more carnival barker than politician. And look out for the plastic packet inside the bird. It’s not gibblets.

    Story #3 – More idiot children who should have been forced to take physics. Would any of you little monsters like to get hit with a frozen turkey going 45-65 mph? Think that’d be fun? Be thankful the woman is alive.

  3. Jackson, MI home of a very large prison population. I would not be surprised if it was a guard that actually stole it.

    D.C., Did they all come with white powder?

    L.I. NY, Makes sense to me.

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