Take My Wife, Please: Man Allegedly Tries Wife Swap to Secure Bank Loan

Michael H. Williams, 43, is accused of a bizarre plan to get a loan from the PNC Bank in Mechanicsville, Maryland. When his wife refused to co-sign the loan, Williams allegedly went out and kidnapped another woman to pretend that she was his wife and to sign the papers. It is not clear what he thought the woman would do after the transaction, but the effort was halted by the bank which could not help but notice that his wife had changed in a matter of hours. Even in a state with no-fault divorce, that is a bit of a fast turnaround.

William would end up with one loan short and one wife too many.

Notably, when Williams’ “first wife” refused to co-sign the loan, he argued with her and then tried to sign for her. He then showed up a couple hours later with his “loaner wife.”

According to the police account, Williams walked into the PNC bank branch in Mechanicsville about 1 p.m. Tuesday to seek a loan. With him was a woman he said was his wife. She refused to co-sign. Williams tried to sign her name, but the bank wouldn’t allow it. The two left together.

He is clearly unstable. If he had simply gone to Congress, he could have received billions with little paperwork or need to repay the Treasury.

He was arrested and could face civil liability as well for false imprisonment, battery, assault, and other charges. Oh yes, there is the likely divorce filing.

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  2. You all may laugh, but Groucho could have made that work.

    No doubt in my mind.

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