Christian Leaders Speak Out Against Jewish Extremists Who Spit on Clergy and Crosses

Christian leaders are speaking out against an increase in Jewish extremists — particularly Yeshiva students — who spit in the faces of clergy or on crosses in Jerusalem. What makes this story interesting is the earlier complaints by Jewish military leaders that Yeshiva students were radicalizing the Israeli Defense Forces, here. The same phenomenon has been seen in Islamic nations where madrasah schools have radicalized politics and society.

Clergymen in this article are speaking out over a growing number of incidents in Jerusalem. In one incident a Yeshiva student spat on a cross in the processional and triggered a riot — during which the ancient cross was broken.

Archbishop Nourhan Manougian, Daniel Rossing (former adviser to the Religious Affairs Ministry on Christian affairs and director of a Jerusalem center for Christian-Jewish dialogue) and others have spoken out that such attacks against Christians by extremists are on the rise in the city.
Leaders like Shmuel Evyatar, former adviser to the mayor on Christian affairs, insists that the attacks seem to be done with the tacit approval of the schools: “I’m sure the phenomenon would end as soon as rabbis and well-known educators denounce it. In practice, rabbis of yeshivas ignore or even encourage it.”

It is striking how the most extreme elements in both Israel and Islamic nations are so much in common, as we saw recently with acid attacks, here.

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19 thoughts on “Christian Leaders Speak Out Against Jewish Extremists Who Spit on Clergy and Crosses”

  1. A holocaust DEFENDER?

    lol ROFLOL ahhhh! I see the Master(bating) Race has registered their opinion once again.

    Sport, I could run you through a wood chipper based on your historical ignorance alone, but instead, I’m going to kick back and watch you get eaten alive by the other regulars, Jim. They’ll be dining on you shortly would be my guess. They’ve done a pretty good job trouncing you thus far. I expect that trend to continue.

    You aren’t an atheist though. Your true religion is Nazism. Just to be clear.

    Enjoy the mauling you are about to receive.

    (Regulars – Here is today’s propaganda lesson: Please note the “I’m not a Christian” flop laid down. See, when you point out to Fundie white supremacists that they actually work for a Jew? They have no compunction about abandoning their “Lord” if it allows them to hate without restriction based on fantasy revisionist history. As long as they get to hate. This is an expected evolution of the anti-Semitic troll propaganda spam we’ve been inundated with as of late. Next, some other flakey dodge when confronted with their illogical hatred. But that atheist raised by Christians thing? Pure propaganda dodge when hit with an attack they cannot defeat. “Christian! Why I’m no Christian! I just hate Jews because I’m too stupid to read a history book.” This post is a sign you regulars are winning the propaganda battle as it’s a desperate and transparent tactical change. Good show, regulars. Keep up the good work.)

  2. Let me speak as an American who was raised in a christian family, although never religious. For years I always considered myself an atheist, nevertheless I always hoped the best for and supported Israel. I now no longer care whether Iran gets the bomb and nukes them. I no longer think America should spend any money or expend any emotion on the fate of these people. This activity in fact actually justifies the holocaust. We’ve had years and years of what amounts to indoctrination about how jews were the innocent victims of an intolerant christian world. It now appears that that is not the case at all and that the ill will of Christian Europe may have been completely earned.No one can deny that there is much hatred in these people towards christians and it is now apparent. Goodbye Israel, this story has gotten out, no one will come to your rescue when the atomic armed rockets head your way. I may read about the event on line and afterwards go right back to what I was doing as if nothing had happened.

  3. “thought it would have been something like the Union had during the Civil War”

    What’s behind it is that in the Jewish Religion, the study of Torah is seen as the highest calling a Jewish male (unfortunate fact of Orthodox dogma)can have. Therefore a Yeshiva student, whose days are spent in Torah study can skip military service, because theoretically he is performing a higher purpose (mitvah). The edge that has kept Judaism going throughout the last few thousand years has been in this emphacis on literacy, since one can’t study Torah, if they can’t read. Jews are not any smarter then everyone else, just mostly literate because of this belief. Part of the reason that many Asians now are the ones excelling in America’s schools is that these communities have put a premium on literacy and study. The Asians are driven by the desire to make a better life for themselves, given their limited options in their home countries. When it comes to intelligence to me no race or ethnicity holds and edge, it is all about the motivating factors in a person’s cultural heritage.

    Returning this to Sarah’s unfortunate statements, just being an Ivy Leaguer doesn’t make you smart or perceptive, however, being an incurious, vain, self promoter, with a beauty contestant’s mentality, doesn’t exactly make you Presidential material.

  4. Lotta,

    Having known many people who have gone\wanted to go to the Air Force Academy in Colorado, that was the first thing I thought of as well. I think a large part of the problem is Location, last I heard Colorado Springs was had the highest number of Evangelical Christian Nonprofits in the world.

  5. AY.
    Sorry for the late reply. Time difference y’know.
    I did not say that the IDF is a volunteer army and am not sure how you conclude that from my very short post.
    To clarify then, I used the term “National Service” which in the UK is a term to describe a non-volunteer army. You might use the terms “conscription” or “draft”.

  6. Mike S.,

    I thought it would have been something like the Union had during the Civil War conscription was the way out. For a mere 300 dollars you could get someone else to fight for you.

    Nee John Wilkes Booth an actor.

  7. Frank,

    And this negates the value of seeking to optimize social systems, including law, how exactly? You point to a flaw in human nature and say because it’s our nature to be self-destructive, so we shouldn’t attempt to implement safeguards to protect us from our baser instincts.

    Why do we build systems, Frank? To do things we are incapable of either as individuals or as constrained by the laws of physics or that machines can do safer and/or more efficiently. It’s that way from making Twinkies, to developing programming languages, to regression analysis, to establishing legal systems.

    The law is no different than any other system. It can be and is engineered. It is what we make it. Right now, it’s been made broken for a variety of reasons almost all of which trace back to greed. If improper influence of money is the irritant that allows people to inflame cultural differences into hatreds and war that kill many innocents but vastly enriches the criminal instigators? Then the duh solution is to re-engineer the system so that money is removed from play in decision making e.g. the legislative and electoral processes.

    Your reasoning boils down to that because it’s human nature for a certain social segment to be sociopaths and criminals that we should just design our systems to let our worst behaviors become accepted norms instead of stopping them. To allow the few to kill the many simply because of ego and they can? To allow the few to exploit the many so far as to make them blood sacrifices on the alter of ego and self-worship?

    Nonsense. You are advocating broken and non-functional are acceptable as long as it’s in our nature.

    Then why bother with law at all? Or any other cooperative and/or complex systems? If we’re going to roll over for our baser natures, let’s just all be the killer semi-aquatic plains apes we are a hair’s breadth from evolutionarily speaking.

    If you’re happy with non-functional and think that we shouldn’t try to do better as a species because it might be difficult or it could keep us from hurting ourselves as a species, please, have a refill and enjoy the commercials. The end of the world is being televised. Sponsored by Short Attention Span Theater.

  8. From posting: “earlier complaints by Jewish military leaders that Yeshiva students were radicalizing the Israeli Defense Forces, here. The same phenomenon has been seen in Islamic nations where madrasah schools have radicalized politics and society.”

    Much like the Air Force is being radicalized by fundi christians:

  9. “The problem is at it’s core sociopaths and the systems that have been purposefully broken in both government and religious institutions to encourage them.”

    Amen. The fanatics among we Jews are no better than the fanatics of any other religion. What is so ironic though is that the religious schools in Israel, like religious schools anywhere, are supposed to be run by men who are experts in the religion. Yet like sociopaths anywhere they preach not the teachings, or the canon, but those aspects that coincide with their own evil needs and prejudice.

    Although military service in Israel is supposed to be compulsory the Ultra-Orthodox (fundamentalist fanatics) have for years insisted on exemptions for Yeshiva students. The irony of that is that these fanatics have usually been the greatest supporters of military solutions.

  10. As long as our organizing principle is belief in an invisible man in the sky who cares more about your side than the other side, we are doomed to violence and death. We are too stupid to live, and since we’re also too stupid to do anything meaningful about climate change, we won’t be around much longer anyway.

  11. Buddha–

    I’m with you on Dick “Five Deferments” Cheney. Now the man’s sending out his evil spawn Liz to “talk up” a Cheney run for president in 2012.

    Here’s a little verse I wrote back in April after hearing Seymour Hersh talk about a special “death squad” of the JSOC. Evidently, the JSOC reported directly to Cheney about the squad’s actions/missions. (I also found it interesting when I read about Google Earth hiding Cheney’s house when he was VP.)


    Dick Cheney knew of a secret squad
    That did assassinations.
    It got the A-OK from him
    And flew to foreign nations
    To knock off people Dick agreed
    Should not be sucking air—
    While Dick the Diabolical
    Stayed hidden in his lair,
    A musky room deep in the earth
    Away from prying eyes
    Of congressmen and senators—
    And also Google spies.

  12. BIL,

    I don’t excuse or indulge bad behavior. I recognize that bad behavior will exist as long as humans have the ability of individual thought. Eventually that individual thought will result in divide. As the divide grows, people will choose sides. When one side considers the other to be a threat, they will take what they deem appropriate corrective action.

    Right and wrong are determined by society. What we call natural law are still the laws of society. The laws of the majority are considered to be natural law, only because the majority of society accepts them as such.

  13. Religous radicalism always ends up in exclusionary tactics and activities that lead to more and more violence. It doesn’t matter what religion we are discussing. The Taliban are alive in well in many religions, from the Radical Religious Right(several denominations) here in the US, to the Jewish extremists discussed above and to the Islamic devotees who attacked the US. Without a strict adherence to the separation of church and state, these radical elements will take hold and the religous battles will never end.

  14. Frank,

    Your assumption I envision uptoia is pure fantasy. I’m a big fan of the the Incompleteness Theorem(s).

    I merely envision more functional. Maximum good for maximum numbers by systems that don’t allow the minority violent criminals and sociopaths access to the decision making apparatus of state and the resultant abuses we have seen when such people are let make decisions that affect us all. Especially when they can make a profit by killing the innocent.

    That you merely want an excuse to indulge in bad behavior would be your problem. We have laws to constrain our nature, Frank. That’s their function when properly applied.

  15. BIL,

    The utopian society you imagine is pure fantasy. Human beings will always fight about something. We don’t all look at things from the same perspective. We never have and we never will. As long as human beings have the ability to think, they will disagree. That disagreement will eventually lead to hostility.

  16. It’s another episode of “Jews Acting Badly”.

    Being persecuted is not an invitation to persecute freely. This goes for Jews too. For a culture that values education, there seems to be a gap in understanding. When you act as your enemy, you have become your enemy.

    If you call yourself Rabbis and don’t know this, you are not much of a Rabbi.

    The concept of God as exclusionary as employed by organized religion is outmoded and a tool of the evil and insane. Either religion is about commonality or division – no matter the flavor. All religions go wrong when they start attacking “the other”. There is no other. That’s an illusion. This is why I champion cooperative action as the optimal strategy for species long term survival. Divided we are abused by the evil people among us. And that’s what they are. Evil. Yeah. Dick Cheney is someone’s dad and his family loves him. He’s also an evil POS that needs to die for his crimes. And if people quit arguing about religion and race and the thousand other distractions floated out there, we’d collectively turn on people like Cheney so fast we’d leave nothing but a bloody smear as a reminder to future generations not to put your personal profit above the lives of your fellow humans. United, there is nothing we cannot do as a species. But then we’d have to kill all the dividers so they work as hard as they can to keep you all fighting. If not over religion then some other bullshit reason to tyranny and oppression.

    The problem is at it’s core sociopaths and the systems that have been purposefully broken in both government and religious institutions to encourage them. And then hide behind “their” God. It’s all just a rational for greed and narcissism. God is love and compassion or God is money and divisive hatreds. It can’t be both ways.

  17. Maaarrghk!,

    I did not know that Israel had a volunteer army. I kind of thought it was like very mandatory for all non-arab israel residents. The last part makes sense to me.

  18. And many of these are the guys who will chant “Death to all Arabs” but get out of doing their national sevice on “religious” grounds.

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