8 thoughts on “The Human Trebuchet”

  1. Notice how there’s a lower net “in front of” the main catch net? This isn’t the first round of human-as-projectile trebuchet use – a previous go resulted in at least one “projectile” bouncing off the catch net back towards the trebuchet onto the ground from about 15′ up – not fun!

  2. Buck up ‘Fesser T! You became the next best thing to Olympic Demonstration trebuchet fodder—a tenured teaching lawyer.

    Your self-deprecating humor is exquisite; if a mere 1-in-2 congresspersons had just ½ of your intelligence, wit, commonsense, and humor, then we would indeed be flyin’ high instead of rollin’ along the downward spiraling trench-bucketed path to eternal perdition.

  3. JT–

    Regarding your competing in synchronized swimming at the Olympics. You would look SO attractive with your hair all slicked down with vaseline and a little clip on the tip of your nose. SWOON!

  4. You bring up a good point, Prof.

    If you want to keep luge in the winter Olympics, couldn’t we get human trebuchet at the summer games? Come on. I’d even settle for it being a demonstration event. At first. They both have the same skill set (holding on and praying you don’t die) and with HT (as fans of the sport call it) there is little advance training required as, unlike the luge, holding on is a bad thing.

    1. I must confess, BIL, the human trebuchet proposal for the Olympic games is my one shot for placement as an olympic athlete. Synchronized swimming did not work out.

  5. Well hell lets let the Hill Billys’ Good Times Rool, hey hold my beer for a second will ya? And get a load of this!!!!!

  6. Finally, the answer to the question of how to address holiday houseguests who’ve worn out their welcome. Net optional.

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