Report: Millions of AIDS Cases in Africa Are Caused By Medical Malpractice

There is a horrific report out of the Royal Society of Medicine. The number of AIDS cases in Africa continues to rise and is often blamed upon cultural practices and incompetent governments. Now, however, a report indicates that almost five million cases were likely caused by poor health practices, particularly the use of dirty needles by medical personnel.

John Potterat, an epidemiologist accuses the international community of ignoring that evidence that shows “directly that many Africans are at risk from a wide range of common skin puncturing practices that may involve contaminated instruments and materials. By uncritically accepting the orthodox view that HIV is almost exclusively transmitted by sex, public health workers and researchers are complicit in prolonging avoidable suffering.”

More than 22 million people living in Africa have the HIV virus and 2 million died last year from AIDS.

African doctors commonly reuse needles for vaccinations and other standard medical procedures.

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5 thoughts on “Report: Millions of AIDS Cases in Africa Are Caused By Medical Malpractice”

  1. I was helping my step-son with a report for school on the topic of AIDS here and abroad when we bumped into this article. My son is from the USA and while he has heard/knows about the dangers of contracting AIDS it’s like he and his friends act as if it’s a disease from the past that they need not worry too much about! I come from Africa, I go back to visit from time to time and while I tell him stories like the one brought up in this post, today is the first time that the seriousness of AIDS has really sunk in. Thanks for sharing.

  2. An ignorant redneck like Palin flies around for her “bus” tour on a $4000/hour private jet, yet doctors ANYWHERE are reusing needles for whatever reason?

    Simply unacceptable as a species.

    Grade: F

  3. Reminds me of when Wyeth Labs made a batch of formula not up to USDA standards sold the entire “lot” to country’s in SA or donated it to other charitable causes.

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