No Cases for You: San Diego District Attorney Boycotts Judge

San Diego Superior Court Judge John Einhorn has found a way to reduce his caseload. District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has told prosecutors to block any criminal cases that go before the judge. Yet, when asked about the boycott, Dumanis insists that Einhorn is a “well-respected jurist” — just a jurist whom she doesn’t want to rule on any criminal case.

Under state law, prosecutors are allowed to exercise a peremptory challenge to a judge and Dumanis has ordered Einhorn struck from every criminal case. She has never explained to him or the public why her office is boycotting a particular judge.

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13 thoughts on “No Cases for You: San Diego District Attorney Boycotts Judge”

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  2. @Buddha is laughing. One should never turn one’s back on anyone in the gay community as that leaves one open to a rear attack.

  3. Judge Einhorn has already been approached, reports say he has declined and is planning to retire from the bench.

    We are desperately searching for a replacement. Got ideas for a new San Diego DA? Please post them here, we’ll make contact for you! Time’s running out.

    San Diego Courts find Bonnie Dumanis “unstable”. . . From personally suicidal in the 1980’s to professionally suicidal today, San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has proven to be consistently unstable. According to a report released by…READ MORE @

  4. From the comments at the source:

    “We need a new district attorney. We currently have a corrupt District Attorney who manipulates the law, has given the police department a blanket liscence to kill, and has turned her back on the needs of the gay community.

    Bonnie is a tyrant who will use endless amounts of tax money to avenge her enemies. Think pepper spray of political opponents, and fraud charges of relatives who dare to run against her. Bonnie would have done well in Hitler’s third reich.

    Maybe judge Einhorn should run for D.A.
    I think he could expose more of the wrongdoings of Bonnie Dumanis than the dozens of people she has calculatedly destroyed with her abuse of power.”

    Flipkid, you have a gift for understatement.

  5. Ok, what’s the real story. Do we have an election coming up? A bad date between the 2? I think the DA is abusing her authority.

  6. Wow. If you read the comments by “locals” at the end of the article, DA Dumanis is not very highly thought of by her constituants. Claims of “circumventing the law”, ignoring truth for a verdict, etc.

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