Cardinal: No Gays Go To Heaven

Cardinal Javier Lozano Barraga, Mexican Cardinal and President Emeritus of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Health Care Workers in the Roman Catholic Church, has declared that there are no homosexuals or transsexuals in heaven. If they want heaven, they have to change their sexual partners to members of the opposite sex.

Barragan stated that homosexuals and transsexuals “will never enter the kingdom of heaven and it is not me who says this, but Saint Paul.” They are, he explained, an “insult to God.”

He went on to explain that “[p]eople are not born homosexual, they become homosexual, for different reasons: education issues or because they did not develop their own identity during adolescence. It may not be their fault, but acting against nature and the dignity of the human body is an insult to God.”

The Cardinal, however, encouraged people not to try to punish gays themselves: “Homosexuality is therefore a sin, but this does not justify any form of discrimination. God alone has the right to judge. We on earth cannot condemn, and as human beings we all have the same rights.”

It is not clear if Chris Pesto has a sign for the Cardinal.

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  1. it would appear that Cardinal Barraga is attempting to display the power motive of “impact” this pompus jerk acts as though he controls heaven. He is certainly a deviate from the Catholic church and should be tried as a heretic.They did it to Galileo, who was a greater man than the cardinal.

  2. Florent,

    Thank you for the translation. I was trying to say “Welcome” from a French dictionary and hoped I’d chosen the correct phrase!

    “…good start for sexologists that attempt washed out the brains of these old impotent.”

    I haven’t heard such great invective against the church hierarchy in a while!

  3. Je wonder how a supposedly intelligent being could happen to such a statement.

    I wonder what studies were used by them in several areas, have not made it sound more logical, they avoid saying such nonsense ..

    There are already churches in our quest for missionaries, why not have a good start for sexologists that attempt washed out the brains of these old impotent.

    And the commitment of anthropologists and sociologists that they would see the “real” world and new manners.

    read disconnected it is almost impossible. Real dinosaurs.

    Cardinal Javier Barragan Lorazo if I were you, I’d be afraid of God’s justice to you ..

    Dip your head in a bucket of cold water, and it’ll help calm your fertile imagination too.

    Be careful as you drown in mind that we wish to have often spoil the one you a.

    [still a few bugs in the system….]

  4. “Je ne sais pas pourquoi mon texte précédent fut transmis tout déformé.”

    “I do not know why my previous text was forwarded all distorted.”

  5. Damn it Florent, we’re Americans here. We don’t take kindly to none of that foreign stuff!!! 🙂 Entre Donc!

  6. Je me demande comment un être supposément intelligent puisse arriver à une telle déclaration.
    Je me demande à quoi ont servi les études qu’ils ont faites dans plusieurs domaines, ne les ont pas rendu plus rationnels plus logique, leur évitant de dire de telles sottises.
    Il y a déjà dans nos églises une quête pour les missionaires, pourquoi pas en avoir une pour engager de bons sexologues qui tenteraient de délaver les cerveaux de ces vieux impuissants. Et l’engagement d’anthropologues ou de sociologues qui leur feraient voir le ” VRAI ” monde et leurs moeurs nouvelles. Plus déconnectés que cela c’est presqu’impossible. Des vrais dinosaures.
    Monsieur le Cardinal Javier Lorazo Barragan, si j’étais vous, j’aurais peur du jugement de Dieu à votre égard.
    Plongez-vous la tête dans un sceau d’eau froide, ça vous aidera et calmera votre imagination trop fertile. Attention de vous noyer car l’esprit que l’on veut avoir gâte souvent celui que l’on a.

  7. Well, that Card is unglier that any gay man I ever saw in an outfit like that. Reckon he is wearin’ pumps under that get up?

  8. As regards Catholicism and transvestites.
    Several years ago, the conservative Bishop of the Erie PA Diocese sat down next to the adopted daughter of a wonderful, committed gay male couple.
    “You are wearing my favorite color,” she told the Bishop. “Magenta!
    “Just one thing,” she whispered to him. “Boys don’t wear dresses!”

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