GW Law Student to Compete on Jeopardy This Monday

Answer: Macaca . . . Question: What single word ended the career of a United States Senator? That is one question that Shekar Ramanuja (S.R.) Sidarth would likely nail on Monday when he appears on Jeopardy. Sidarth is the student who brought down Senator George Allen in Virginia when Allen referred to him as Macaca — a racial slur in South Africa and other countries. Sidarth is of Indian descent. He is one of my current students in torts. [Update: Sidarth came in second].

When Sidarth came to me to ask to be absent from one class in order to appear on Jeopardy, I could honestly say that in almost 30 years of teaching that was the first use of that particular excuse.

I was delighted to know that he had made the cut — a lifetime dream of my own — to appear on Jeopardy. He has honored his agreement with the show not to reveal how he did. I — and his classmates — will be cheering him on this Monday.

Sidarth is a graduate of the University of Virginia in Computer Science and Government. He was selected as the Rodman Scholar in honors engineering program. He also worked as press assistant to Rep. Tim Bishop (NY-1) and as communications director for Democratic State Senate Campaign Committee. He worked in the campaigns for both Barack Obama and Bill Richardson as well as Jim Webb for Senate. He is also a graduate of the prestigious Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

He is fluent in Spanish and Tamil.

He already has his own wikipedia site, here.

Good luck, S.R., the hopes and dreams of GW go with you!!!

For those who dimly remember the Allen moment, here it is:

15 thoughts on “GW Law Student to Compete on Jeopardy This Monday”

  1. Is there an online video of Sidarth’s final performance on Jeopardy?

    I aint got no TV.

  2. This is great! I have to say, though, that George Allen brought himself down. He could have just welcomed S.R. Sidarth and left it at that. Instead, he went racist one too many times, and Mr. Sidarth was there to videotape it. Great job!

  3. We watched you last night on Jeopardy, taped it to watch it again and again, are so… proud of you. We always knew you are so smart and here you are grown up to be a very remarkable, handsome gentleman. Congratulations!!

  4. Good luck Sidarth! We’ll be cheering you on.

    Former Federal LEO, Sidarth’s a part time student and probably doesn’t have torts class every day, so no, we don’t know how he done just yet. 🙂

    1. The final for day students is on Wednesday. For part-time students, there is a legal theory test on Wednesday as well. The part-time students are tested next term on the whole term. I have both classes. We have the popcorn ready and the cheering section for Sidarth!

  5. “When Sidarth came to me to ask to be absent from one class in order to appear on Jeopardy…”

    I aint nigh as sharp as ol’ Sidarth, but don’t bein’ gone frum juss “one class” kinda tell you how he done?

  6. S.R., may your victory be swift and decisive. Take as much of Trebek’s Pot O’ Gold as you can. He’s only short like a leprechaun, but he’s really just Canadian. He can’t really curse you for winning or anything, eh? (DISCLAIMER: Canadians have excellent senses of humor and some smell of maple-ly goodness.)

    Congratulations and good luck!

  7. “Macaque” (French for “macaca”) is what Belgians called the natives in the Belgian Congo. In the African French-speaking world the word is worse than the “N” word here… Senator George Allen knew what he was doing by throwing this word at S.R.: the man is a racist!

  8. Oooooh Jeopardy, my secret ‘must see’. Great luck to Shekar Ramanuja. I’m sure he’ll make you proud Professor.

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