Pressing the Flesh: Georgia House Speaker Resigns Amid Sex Scandal With Lobbyist

Georgia’s House Speaker Glenn Richardson ran on a family values platform as a Republican, but has been embroiled in a scandal involving his alleged affair with a lobbyist for Atlanta Gas and Light. He later tried to commit suicide and now has resigned after his ex-wife came forward with alleged proof of the affair.

Energy lobbyists appear to have become too literal in pressing the flesh with Republican leaders of late, here.

Previously, Richardson’s Democratic and Republican colleagues dismissed the allegation of the affair. Now Richardson’s ex-wife Susan has come forward with emails to the lobbyist and says that Richardson threatened to beat her. Richardson notably was a co-sponsor of a bill that would have financed a $300-million pipeline for the company.

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25 thoughts on “Pressing the Flesh: Georgia House Speaker Resigns Amid Sex Scandal With Lobbyist”

  1. Who cares if politicians, even family-values types, have affairs with lobbyists? Well, everyone should. Not for the salacious details of the story but because in this particular case sex is being traded for legislation. It is corruption and not merely an another instance of personal hypocrisy. Sex for legislation- that is what is the problem.

  2. Georgiaguy8,
    What a pity because back a short while ago Georgia was an economically growing State. The lower the taxes and feed the rich crowd that has characterized Republicn politics since the 80’s has left our county’s economic structure and public infrastructure in shambles and yet its proponents dont’s seem to give a damn. Their philosophy seems to be “as long as I have mine.” We are fast becoming a country that is divided between aristocracy and peasantry. Feudalism is the new economic model. Yet the people through lies and propaganda are still led to believe there is an “American Dream” and in the South it seems the con job works best.

  3. AY,

    Any man not afraid of scorned and cuckold woman with a golf club is a fool. I’m trained to disarm an opponent armed like that, but a golf club is a SERIOUS weapon. I’d probably try to run first too. Modern golf clubs are designed to take into account vibration, flexibility and rotational torque to ensure as much energy is transferred from the head of the club to the ball as possible. A golf club is analogous to a samurai blade when it comes to clubs. Their shape concentrates the force of the blow to a narrower area, thus creating the possibility of maximum damage. She could have EASILY killed him with a direct blow to the head or neck.

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