Pressing the Flesh: Georgia House Speaker Resigns Amid Sex Scandal With Lobbyist

Georgia’s House Speaker Glenn Richardson ran on a family values platform as a Republican, but has been embroiled in a scandal involving his alleged affair with a lobbyist for Atlanta Gas and Light. He later tried to commit suicide and now has resigned after his ex-wife came forward with alleged proof of the affair.

Energy lobbyists appear to have become too literal in pressing the flesh with Republican leaders of late, here.

Previously, Richardson’s Democratic and Republican colleagues dismissed the allegation of the affair. Now Richardson’s ex-wife Susan has come forward with emails to the lobbyist and says that Richardson threatened to beat her. Richardson notably was a co-sponsor of a bill that would have financed a $300-million pipeline for the company.

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25 thoughts on “Pressing the Flesh: Georgia House Speaker Resigns Amid Sex Scandal With Lobbyist”

  1. Buddha Is Laughing,

    So do you think he was scared? I would have been. Read an article about ambien sex. So that would explain the slow driving. Now, do you think that Elin was playing through in a rough patch with a wedge, pitching iron or just a hell of a nine in the middle of the thoroughfare?

  2. Imagine my surprise that a Republican legislator who claims to be a religious family man is proven to be a hypocrite and an adulterer. I would have never guessed it could be possible! He who protests the loudest almost always seems to turn out to be the biggest offender.

  3. So Swartzmoremom,

    Are you saying that someone turned a page? Bent a pages ear, dogged eared a page? Hum, never thought about it…..Or maybe I didn’t give it a second thought….

  4. eniobob,


    That was pretty funny. Tiger can hit that little ball pretty well, but I don’t think the ghost of Marvin Gaye is too nervous.

    (This comment brought to you by “Let’s Get It On” – Inspiring Interesting Decisions Since 1973)


  5. The Republicans took over the state in 2002, then preceded to run it like a Third World dictatorship. Massive cuts have been made to education, while Gov. Perdue signed a $875 million dollar contract to take the state government’s technology from state employees to lucrative contracts for ATT and IBM after accepting huge contributions from their executives. He push state employees and teachers from numerous health insurances choices to just two vendors, United Healthcare and Cigna, both contributors to his slush fund. Roads are full of potholes all over the state, Atlanta’s growth has choked traffic to a standstill on even weekends. The Republicans passed huge tax cuts for the wealthy, then cut spending in healthcare and education. Despite my family being here for over 200 years, I am taking a job in another state in 2010. Atlanta is dying from the state government’s inattention and the rest of the state is like some poor country in Africa.

  6. In those brief times I saw politics up close and personal I discovered it was a hotbed of sexuality. I personally don’t care what anyone does with their private parts, so long as it’s not exploitative of others, but where it gets interesting is in the hypocrisy of those wanting to legislate morality/sexuality and the disconnect in their own private lives.

  7. I worked in a legislature in the late seventies and early eighties in a relatively “clean” state and I could not believe what went on there. They were having sex with pages,lobbyists and staff. Some of it was abusive. I think it is better now because there are more female legislators.

  8. Sex in the Legislature. What an anomaly. I never just thought about it, I promise.

  9. interesting that his Dem & GOP colleagues lined up behind him. I’ve lived in six different states, plus DC and a foreign country and no place has disappointed me more in terms of political leadership than Georgia.

  10. Sally, I only think these things become relevant under certain circumstances: 1. hypocrisy 2. violence or the threat thereof was involved 3. direct (and I do mean direct) connection with a lobbyist. Then we have a right to know.

  11. “I am tired of hearing about all these political and famous people having affairs…who cares?”

    Sally: re celebs who get caught cheating, I’m with you; who cares? (I could write a lengthy diatribe about our society’s obsession with celebrities and total lack of of interest in important things that DO affect their lives, and the MSM’s willing participation in the “bread and circuses” distraction, but what would be the point?)

    But as for politicians? I only “care” because these cretins run for office wearing the mantle of “Family Values” (whatever in the hell THAT means) and then invariably get caught with their pants down (literally). One thing I cannot abide is hypocracy.

  12. Tiger at least took it like a man, you Georgia Peach you. Suicide? Over a couple of jobs? True only one of them has a work ethic, but . . .

    Please. There are valid reason to choose to end one’s life. Being embarrassed and fired, er, um quitting are not two of them.

    Just another candyass hypocritical crybaby quitter. He should see if Palin has a job for him.

  13. I am tired of hearing about all these political and famous people having affairs…who cares?

    How does it affect me? It doesn’t!

    The media wastes our time talking about such nonsense.

    Divorce him and put him through the wringer.

  14. “Why is it that family value republicans get caught up in this stuff?”

    Uh, because they’re all holier-than-thou hypocrites?

  15. why is it that family value republicans get caught up in this stuff? Looks like the same m.o. as the CA state assemblyman.

    And why kill yourself over a little illicit sex, makes no sense to me on a number of different levels.

    Maybe family value republicans did not get around enough while young.

    Note to young republicans, have a lot of sex before you get married so you don’t embarrass us later on.

  16. He threatened to beat his wife. That makes him a total scum bag. I’m so glad she had the courage to out him.

    We need to support challengers to most of Congress. The current members are by and large bought and paid for by large corporate interests. They will never do right by the majority of our population. All money and time should go towards anyone with integrity who takes on these people and to the few people, like Grayson who actually do work on our behalf. The rest have got to go.

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