Playing With Bad Notes: Band Teacher Allegedly Caught Writing Lewd Notes to Middle School Girls

Parents with children at the Buffalo Community Middle School are in shock after the arrest of their band leader, Martin Bartels, 53, for allegedly leaving lewd messages on the lockers of girls. He was reportedly caught on videotape and confronted in the midst of writing a third letter.

The letters to the girls included such statements as “I really, really, really love your legs … I like how you show just enough to make me hard” and descriptions of how he “gets hot and hard just thinking about” his desire to “trace your thighs with my fingertips and make you squirm.”

Bartels reportedly confessed to the notes to the seventh graders. The notes notably do not expressly ask to meet the girls, reveal his identity, or solicit sex. One note includes statements like “Great curves all over the place . . . I really, really, really love your legs, I wish you would show them off more often. I like how you show just enough on top [to arouse] me.” A third note that was not yet delivered read, “You gave me shivers. … You are really hot. I will have very nice dreams.” That third note is interesting because it included instructions for how the girl could leave notes for him. That could have pushed the criminal case into more serious charges, but he was arrested before delivery. The police cannot base a charge on an undelivered note.

Since he did not openly solicit sexual acts and speak with the girls, prosecutors may have had some difficulty. They charged him with disorderly conduct. I am not sure whether additional charges for corruption or solicitation are being considered given the actions.

Bartels has taught for 28 years. What is interesting is the charge.

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8 thoughts on “Playing With Bad Notes: Band Teacher Allegedly Caught Writing Lewd Notes to Middle School Girls”

  1. Disorderly conduct is for minor offenses that are not covered by any laws (like peeing in the woods when you can’t hold it anymore). Why didn’t they set up a sting like Dateline or at least wait before arresting him to see if he followed up delivering instructions for how the girl could leave notes for him, so the pigs could file some real charges???

  2. rafflaw,

    At least we know he wasn’t a defrocked RCC Priest. These were after all females. I did not see anything other than just notes. Was their touching?

  3. This guy is a latent sex offender and should be treated as such. I don’t think his contract will prevent a superintendant from firing him. Even with tenure the sexual activities with minor girsl should be sufficient grounds. I am wondering how long this note writing has gone on without the girls complaining to authorities? I would bet that he didn’t just become a perv overnight.

  4. His contract would be the least of his concerns were this my daughter that creep was ogling. His luck would become suddenly very sour indeed.

    The Man Rules

    1) Don’t screw with a man’s mom, significant other, kids or dog/cat/pet and not expect a beating.

    2) If you have any questions, see Rule #1.

    That’s the Law of the Jungle. Cops and courts may not be able to save you when you break that one. And you should have thought of that before writing notes to those girls, because you weren’t just writing to THEM, genius. You were writing to DAD. And DAD probably wants to hurt you REAL BAD, Martin.

    Enjoy not sleeping, you perv.

  5. Its the Process, whats in the contract, all sorts of things. The safest and quickest is a disgruntled parent.

  6. He appears to be a bad actor. Not really fit for teaching. I would see what his contract has to offer. He may be a creep but what did he do that crossed the line that raised this to a criminal level? If Superintendents can be relieved of office, why can’t he.

    Or maybe a disgruntled parent can take care of him.

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