Big Mullah is Listening: Iran Threatening Critics on Facebook and Other Internet Sites

Iran has continued its crackdown on critics domestically and internationally. It has sentenced protesters to death over the demonstrations contesting the presidential elections. It has also reportedly created a unit to monitor critics abroad and threatened students on Facebook. Others have been forced to surrender their access codes at airports to allow police to review their sites.

One student named Koosha, 29, was told that his relatives in Tehran would be harmed if he continued to criticize the government on Facebook. He did not take it seriously until two days later when his father was arrested for his son’s statements.

Iran’s repressive security force, the Revolutionary Guard, has been monitoring Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites as well as taking pictures of Iranians at protests abroad. Iranians report that they have been shown pictures of themselves at protests abroad when they visited family in Iran.

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4 thoughts on “Big Mullah is Listening: Iran Threatening Critics on Facebook and Other Internet Sites”

  1. A.Y., We have gone that far. We are doing so right now.

    “December 3rd, 2009
    EFF Sues DOJ For Sleuthing Practices on Facebook, Twitter
    By Clint Boulton, eWeek

    Privacy watchdogs for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have sued the Department of Justice and five other government organizations for cloaking their policies for using Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to investigate citizens in criminal and other matters.”

    Also, today is DARPA’s red balloon experiment were they are asking SNS to report in on all 10 balloons for a $50,000 grand prize to the first SNS to find them all. They would like to learn more about how SNS groups work. I’m certain DARPA would never have an bad motive in hosting this contest. They are just such a nice organization.

    Then there was Amy Goodman’s detention and the grab of her notes by CA authorities and the CA/USA border. Nothing to see here, move along, no police state tactics in the US.

  2. Well, the USA has not gone that far, yet or do they just utilize another source.

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