Waiting for God: Man Dies After Sitting in Chair for Eight Months Waiting to Be Healed By God

The one thing that you can say is that Tillmon Webb, 33, had unshakable faith. The over 500-pound man sat down in his recliner in March after an injury and waited for God — never getting up for eight months until he died.

His wife simply observed “The man totally believed in God and his healing.” Tillmon sat in the chair wearing nothing but a blanket for eight months and it appears that his wife did not call for medical intervention during that time.

In a poignant footnote given today’s health debate, they originally tried to schedule a medical appointment but they could not afford the $300 that the doctor wanted upfront.

Instead, he spent his time reading the Bible and praying for healing like Job. In his case, he remained in the recliner awaiting divine intervention.

He also posted sermons online and texted messages of faith through his cell phone. His wife could not keep him clean since it was impossible to roll him over for a bedpan, which must have produced nightmarish circumstances.

Eventually she called for an ambulance and the medical staff found him covered in sores. He died at the hospital.

Yet, his wife will not be charged and she does not regret allowing him to suffer in this condition, noting “If I feel anything right now, it’s envy for him because I wish he had taken me with him.” Now that is faith.

Previously, I wrote a column on faith-based abuse of children in the denial of health care. I believe adults have a right to deny themselves such care, though the assistance of the wife in this case raises some serious questions. Sitting in one’s filth for eight months raises an issue more of sanity than piety.

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  2. 1. The wife is guilty of manslaughter.

    2. Anyone who sits in his own excrement is crazy and should have been in a mental hospital.And his wife is responsible for not only his death but for his suffering.

    3. Whether he believed in ‘life after death’ or not. At this point he had life and 911 is just a call away.

    “Man’s inhumanity to man”

  3. This man could have gone to a hospital and been treated at minimal cost to himself.”

    Absolutely false.

    they let youu in emergency,,tell you what you have …do NOT treat you…send you bills…dunn you on the phone…and then you die of whatever they didn’t treat you for.

  4. Byron

    You said

    “This man could have gone to a hospital and been treated at minimal cost to himself.”


  5. I prayed about that question Blind Faithiness and god told me you speak for him in your response!

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