Railing Against the Bosses: London Train Announcer Suggests Suicide as Option for Travelers

While Thomas the Tank Engine may be a capitalist stooge (here), one train employee has become a proletarian hero. A London Underground or tube announcer had some unconventional advice for riders recently: if they are frustrated with the service they might want to consider suicide as an option.

Riders at Farringdon Station were told at the station that they were likely to get a seat on the next expected train. They heard the announcer say “Let’s see, shall we put money on it, I am going to put money on a Circle being your first train in.” He then explained that he wanted to take a positive attitude because he had been told by his bosses that he had failed to give appropriate and helpful information in the past. He then stated “You wouldn’t believe that my manager insinuated to me that I didn’t communicate to passengers, would you?” He then told the passengers that his supervisor spent 20 minutes on the platform taking notes about his microphone manner.

He went on to offer sympathy to the plight of the passengers: “Once again I do apologise for the disruption to your journey this morning, it has upset me easily as much as it has upset you. Do trust me, that is coming from the heart.” After detailing the flaws in the system, he conclude “[t]hat’s the reason you have been delayed and that is why you are listening to me.”

According to some passengers, he added that they have other options: “You’ve got two options – apart from shooting yourself, and who could blame you.”

It is not clear if their ride tickets will then transfer to their next of kin.

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5 thoughts on “Railing Against the Bosses: London Train Announcer Suggests Suicide as Option for Travelers”

  1. roflol

    See, England?

    This is the kind of stuff that happens when you annoy smart people. They will make you, their bosses, look like idiots every chance they get.


  2. This is too Funny to not say anything. I got my morning chuckle. Did he get to keep his job after the remarks?

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