Milwaukee Teacher Fined After Cutting Off Seven-Year-Old’s Braids As Punishment

A first-grade teacher has been charged with disorderly conduct after she cut off the braids of 7-year-old Lamya Cammon after the girl continued to play with them in class. However, she might not face criminal charges.

The teacher had told Lamya not to play with her beaded braids and, when she continued to do so, she allegedly called her to the front of the class and cut them off with scissors.

As the other children laughed at her, the teacher allegedly said “Now what you gonna go home and say to your momma?”

The response was a bit surprising: a $175 fine. I would have thought battery might be a more likely charge. One article below says that there will be no criminal charge and only the fine.

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42 thoughts on “Milwaukee Teacher Fined After Cutting Off Seven-Year-Old’s Braids As Punishment”

  1. Pete Moran.

    “(obviously) no justification for humiliating a child like this.”

    Your wrong Pete, the secrets to keeping control of untermenchen and untermenchen in training (ie. school children) is to teach them that they are absolutely worthless, that they do not have any rights including those rights that pinko, lefty, liberal, latte sipping, chardonnay quaffing political correct members of the chattering class call human rights. It is important to stamp out any vestiges of self respect or at least any external signs of it. If the little girl in her secret thoughts pretends that she has rights, that is OK but she must be taught to make no external show.

  2. The behavior of this teacher is both an outrage and more or less what one should by now expect to happen.

    The following links to posts on Radley Balko’s blog Hit and Run and Sylvia has A Problem relate to what is not so much a tragedy as an atrocity.

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