Arizona GOP Director Accused of Stalking Woman in Phoenix

The executive director of the Arizona GOP, Brett Mecum, 30, is embroiled in a bizarre criminal investigation where a woman has accused him of using the “Voter Vault” system to track her down in Phoenix. She is a young Republican and a former volunteer for John McCain.

The woman says that Mecum showed up uninvited at her Phoenix home and, when confronted, he told her that he asked a staffer to find her in the voter data base. The affidavit states

“I did not invite Brett Mecum. He is rather creepy and intimidating around women. I did not want to expose my guests to that kind of individual. I was shocked to see him show up at my party. He had never been to my house, and I had never told him where I lived. I asked him how he found my address, and he responded ‘I looked it up on Voter Vault, I called a staffer to look it up for me there.'”

He reportedly denies the allegations and says “This is completely bogus. At the end of the day, I will be exonerated in all of this. This happens a lot in politics, unfortunately. When you have a high-profile job like mine, you sometimes make some enemies.”

Mecum recently made national headlines after being clocked doing 109 mph down a street in a souped up blue 2008 Ford Shelby GT Mustang, here. The judge threw out the charge based on a view that the camera was unconstitutional, here.

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7 thoughts on “Arizona GOP Director Accused of Stalking Woman in Phoenix”

  1. Why is it that so many baby republicans seem to be pudgy creepy bald little mini-Roves? Is achieving preferment within the GOP some kind of compensatory strategy for people who are losers in all other aspects of social life? More and more it looks that way.

  2. From linked article: “And RNC Treasurer Randy Pullen, who is also the chair of the state party, seemed to dismiss the issue in a statement:

    He used Voter Vault. The Republican National Committee owns Voter Vault….It’s a private list. We own the list. We can do what we want with the list, quite frankly.”


    Ummm, Is he really defending the use of the RNC database for (alleged) criminal activities. Yep, I think he is. Why am I not surprised 🙂

  3. This guy is going to end up raping and murdering a woman. We’ve all seen this kind of behavior before (OJ) and it doesn’t end well.

  4. Hm, Arapio is being targeted as well. It must be a sad to be so important to be so lonely that the only excuse you can offer is baloney. Never cared for the stuff myself.

  5. High profile job, eh?

    Self-important much, Mr. Beg For Money Errand Boy?

    Your job is about as important as most lower-middle management jobs.

    Which is to say “not very” and “you’re replaceable”. There are plenty of amoral unemployed asskissers that BOTH lying sack of crap parties can hire to beg for them. Speeding? Yeah, you have enough stoke to get off of that. Stalking? Not so much.

    Welcome back to the reality of the extent of your political influence, Mr. Tiny Cog.

    You had better hope the facts back you up. If they don’t? You’ll be needing a new job after prison.

  6. Just one more “family value” guy caught doing something illegal and creepy. Maybe he can spend some quality time with some other gentlemen who want to take advantage of women.

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