Devil in the Details: Televangelist Rod Parsley Calls on the Faithful to Give Him Cash After Devil Took His Money

With Oral Roberts “called home,” televangelist Rod Parsley appears to have taken up his message of “give me money or Satan will win.” This bizarre video below shows Parsley explaining that he is in need of cash because the Devil was trying to financially ruin him and left him with little operating capital. He does not mention that the church was just hit with a $3 million award in a child abuse case. The Devil appears in the details.

We have previously followed Parsley’s brand of hate-based faith, here.

Parsley explained that his financial crisis is not due to his poor management but rather a “demonically inspired financial attack” that forced him recently to write a $3 million check. He never explains that the church had to write a $3.1 million check in a case where a two-year-old boy was abused at the Cuddle Care operated by World Harvest Church. This appears to be what Parsley is referring to as the “unavoidable deadline” of December 31st. The Devil in this case would be the son of Michael and Lacey Faieta who was beaten so badly that he was covered with welts and abrasions. He said that he was beaten by a knife but the family believes it was a sharp ruler. The teacher Richard Vaughan was never charged and the day care center was closed. The original award was for $6 million but the court reduced its to $2.8 million in light of the state caps on such award, here.

The video appeal is titled: “Will you help me take back what the devil stole?”

Parsley is clearly angry at the Devil over all of this. Angry enough to beat him all over his body with a knife or sharp ruler, but he will take cash instead. His message appears to be “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child.”

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  1. Good can come from evil just like evil can come from good.

    A war-mongering theocrat is still a war-mongering theocrat.

    Let’s be clear. Christians who call for a “holy war” are probably going to be the first people Jesus knocks the snot out of if He comes back.

    Turn the other cheek and forgive us for calling a scam artist a scam artist.

  2. Its funny nobody asks where “all that” money goes. Oh wait, then we couldn’t make snap judgments based on personal bias late night talk show hosts. So here’s some real information (all documented, feel free to search it out).

    Sudan: Rod Parsley’s local church and partners have freed over 30,000 Sudanese slaves (not with talk, with hard cash). Let’s see (RED) do that.

    Katrina: Rod Parsley’s church and partners were first to deliver aid, while FEMA was still thinking about it.

    Haiti: Rod Parsley’s local church is currently making their second trip to Haiti offering aid. (To a decidedly anti-Christian county I might add.)

    So make sure you bad mouth this hate-filled pastor every chance you get. Or feel free to drop in and get the facts instead of forcing you opinion down my throat.

  3. All televangelists ought to be banned. I see no purpose but God for profit and I do not do God’s work and enrich any man. Never.If one works for a church or charity one should receive a living wage. No more. If one wants to gain wealth do it another way. Dont tell me you are working for God and then live large off of the contributions. I would never give to any televangelist no matter what their program or mission is or even if it is genuine. No way.

  4. J-68,

    Just send your money here. I have a prediction for you. Your burden will become lighter. Send me you cash, debit card and Credit Card information. I will see that you are heeled.

    Let us pray together and we shall cleanse your soul of the woes that suffer the best of man. Excesses, I can help you be heeled.

  5. Parsley appears to be a true psychopath, it’s totally undoubtable he’s fully aware of his pure and complete lies, thoroughly aware of the depth of belief of his targets and their emotive needs.
    Now, the question is, would even Jesus, God, Allah,(insert name of your deity here….) forgive him?
    The answer initially would be yes, but…..Parsley,being a Psychopath, would not stop (unless caught and then would blame, cajole etc.. in order to escape punishment, not from concience of course)
    Then, as he continued to find new ways to exploit, via the same or possibly new method, could you, or anyone, deities included, forgive this creature?
    Of course not, this man embodies the true, factual and scientific form of pure evil(an innability to empathise with humanity), exactly what he proposes he stands against.

    So, with having said that, what of all polititians and preachers, who essentially pedal mind made, non tangible, imaginative products? Are they in the same mode as fortune tellers, astrollagers, psychics and mediums? Of course, non of it requires proof.

    Are we so (the human race) fearfull and empty as a species, that we’ll follow any unreal concept because enough people “say so”?
    Unfortunately the answer is yes.
    A message to Rod Parsley….. “those who worship God through fear, would worship the devil if he appear” but hey, Rod already knows this and doesnt care, it worked for Hitler and most evangelists too.
    Really we need to re-evaluate our sense of why, as a species, we feel such neediness to live inside our own heads/imaginations, to live vicariously through dreams instead of the real world.
    Because it’s safer to do nothing.
    Fear again, tedious isnt it.

  6. It appears that Satan has been on the pickpocketing and extortion warpath with the Evangelicals. He was even nice enough provide Rick Warren – he of the “homosexual genocide is just fine for Uganda” fame – with a nice round number and a date.

    Ricky says Satan, er, Jesus needs a mere 900K by New Year’s.

  7. CM, Elaine, mespo,

    One lives to be of service.

    As to the sarcasm powered death ray?

    Shhhhhhhh. 😉

    I’m also developing acerbic grenades and a smart(ass) missile.

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